Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind is an endurance nutrition mix that you can drink all day to fuel you to the finish.

Tailwind combines all of your calorie, hydration and electrolyte needs into one powder that dissolves on contact with water. Fuel your next endurance event with Tailwind, whether it is an ultra marathon, bike ride or triathlon.

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About Tailwind

The idea for Tailwind began with its founder’s head in the trash can, throwing up after a 100 mile race. He wanted to, and did, find a product that was easy to use, easy on the gut, with a taste and texture that could propel him to the finish line.

Designed to overcome problems facing endurance athletes, Tailwind combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t turn your stomach into a brick. This combination allows the body to absorb more of each nutrient. The glucose in Tailwind fuels the muscles, allowing you to go longer at higher intensity, while the electrolytes in the drink are the same as those that you are sweating out.

Tailwind mixes with water and dissolves completely on contact. Deliberately mild, this clean and light flavored drink is one that you can chug all day. Tailwind has everything you need to keep going.

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