Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger harnesses the natural power of honey to fuel your body and help you recover faster.

Each organic, non-GMO ingredient in Honey Stinger's waffles, gels and chews delivers nutrients and carbohydrates to your body for long-lasting (and delicious) energy. Plus, Honey Stinger uses only True Source Honey, so you can trust every drop comes from legal, ethical sources.

About Honey Stinger

For more than 20 years, Honey Stinger has been crafting sports nutrition products that help fuel professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Honey Stinger uses premium, organic honey to give you a boost on any adventure and provide a naturally sweet taste to its products. Blended with a unique mix of organic, non-GMO ingredients, each packet of Honey Stinger is scientifically proven to improve athletic stamina and performance with a sustained energy boost.