SOLE Running Gear

SOLE makes great insoles to get you the most out of your footwear.

Whether you are an endurance runner or just standing on your feet all day, SOLE insoles give your feet adaptable support so you can perform your best. With heat moldable and cork options, there’s a SOLE insole for everyone.

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About SOLE

Even mild pain can affect the ability to perform everyday tasks. SOLE insoles were created to alleviate that pain. Their unique orthopedic shape and mold-optimized materials are built into every pair of footbeds and footwear that they make. The orthopedic shape adapts to the body, creating a customized, continuous surface of contact with the sole of the foot.

This accommodative support optimizes your foot’s natural functionality and the personalized fit increases your awareness of what is going on outside the footwear. The enhanced feel can mean the difference between sticking the landing, and rolling your ankle.

No matter what your activity level is, you can benefit from the personalized support and cushioning SOLE products offer. When your feet are supported and their function is optimized, the barrier of pain is reduced or eliminated, allowing you to live up to your full potential.

Helping you reach higher than you did yesterday is what SOLE is all about.

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