Recover faster with Hyperice gear.

Hyperice carries some of the best massage tools that help you relieve tension, unlock sore muscles and prime your body to be its best. You put your body through a lot—Hyperice’s percussion massagers, rollers and other massage tools are there to help you to take care of it. Whether you suffer from a bad back or need to work out those sore muscles in between Ragnar legs, there are some Hyperice massage tools for you.

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About Hyperice

Founded in 2011, Hyperice has been continuously innovating to bring you the best recovery technology. Their mission is simple—to help everyone on Earth move better, live better and be better.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or an individual who is simply looking for solutions to combat the effects of daily life, Hyperice’s suite of innovative products are here to help you unlock the best version of yourself. So you can always be at the top of your game, no matter what that game might be.

Free Shipping & Returns

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If you don't like how your massage tools look, fit or feel, we'll take them back within 60 days. That's our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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