Currex Insoles

Walk, run or stand more comfortably with Currex insoles.

Currex insoles give you ultimate comfort, help optimize your running gait and enhance stability. They do so by using a deep heel cup, dynamic arch support and high-rebound cushioning to keep your feet feeling fresh. With three different arch profiles for low, medium and high arches, you can find the perfect insole to improve your running shoes.

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About Currex

Designed by German sports scientists, Currex insoles improve any shoe. They deliver more comfort and support, increase performance and reduce pressure, which leads to less body fatigue and can actually help users avoid many common injuries.

The Dynamic Arch Technology in each insole makes Currex insoles unique. It engages the muscles of the foot by being a flexible arch with the right amount of rigidity. This combined with the different arch profiles—low, medium and high—keep the foot in the optimal biomechanical position and reduce excessive foot motion within the shoe. It also reduces stress on the parts of the body to let you run longer.

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