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Maurten’s groundbreaking drink mixes are changing the way many endurance athletes fuel their bodies.

Mix the Maurten powder with water and instantly get a liquid sports drink to power you through your longest workouts. With the use of hydrogel technology, Maurten has increased the amount of carbohydrates, reduced the risk of gastrointestinal problems and removed all unnecessary ingredients that don't aid your performance.

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About Maurten

In 2015, Mårten Fryknäs, an age-group Ironman triathlete by night and a cancer drug and development researcher by day, launched a brand-new, self-named product: Maurten.

Mix the Maurten Drink Mix 320 and 160 with water, and you’ll have a liquid sports drink containing high concentrations of carbohydrates. The drink instantly converts to hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach, encapsulating the carbohydrates. The hydrogel then enables a smooth transportation of the sports drink through the stomach to the intestine where the water, salt and carbohydrates are absorbed.

No added flavor: Maurten is not impressed by artificial flavors. You can tell what you're getting from the taste of each drink mix.

Clean: No added colorants or preservatives. Their sports fuel contains only natural ingredients. Nothing more and nothing less than what’s needed.

What is Hydrogel?

Hydrogels are widely used in the food industry, often as thickeners and structurants. A hydrogel is a biopolymer- and water-based structure with very small pores. As a three-dimensional network with the ability to hold water, it looks and behaves a bit like a kitchen sponge.

Maurten has found a way to build hydrogels with natural food ingredients and filled the structure with the most efficient source of energy around: carbohydrates.

The hydrogels in their sports drinks are built from the combination of two natural ingredients:

  • Alginate extracted from the cell walls of brown algae.
  • Pectin found in apples, lemons, carrots and tomatoes, to name a few.

These two dietary fibers have been used for decades within the food industry. Combined under precisely the right circumstances, alginate and pectin form a pH-sensitive hydrogel.

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