Picky Bars

Picky Bars taste great and give you the nutrients you need to run your best.

Designed by runners, Picky Bars are made with real food and are easy to digest. These portable bars are great to fuel you during your run or are the perfect snack between work and your workout.

About Picky Bars

Picky Bars was started by Jesse Thomas, Lauren Fleshman and Stephanie Bruce as a way to fuel their workouts with real food. Their philosophy is real food is the best fuel. And, when balanced the right way, real food can power you through the toughest workout, longest ride or biggest snack attack.

They created a real food energy bar balanced for sport. That means easy-to-digest, feel-good ingredients carefully mixed in a macronutrient harmony that could support big workouts, without the chemicals or cheap fillers found in lots of sport-specific products.

Combining fast-acting carbs and long-lasting fats (with a touch of protein for recovery) they cracked the code on keeping the engine running happy.

Soft and slightly sweet thanks to the primary ingredients of dates and a nut/seed butter, they’re great just before a workout or during a low to moderate effort workout

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