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Use These Trainer-Approved Tips to Stay on Top of Your Fitness Goals Through the Holidays

Runners sit on a bench after shopping at Fleet Feet

Healthy habits can take a hit during the holiday season. Whether you are traveling to family or hosting those you love, finding time to stick to your fitness routine is hard—and endless party food and bottomless cocktails often sabotage the best of intentions.

Before giving in to the holiday temptations, check out these tips and tricks for staying on track with your fitness routines this holiday season.

Party Prep

Eat a small, balanced meal before the party, saving room for a few tastes and nibbles once you get there. Festive parties and holiday gatherings have a way of derailing our nutrition goals. Eating a small meal before attending a party helps keep intake on track and the indulgences to a minimum.

Pack for Your Workout

Traveling for the holidays? Take your workout gear with you. Travel-friendly workout equipment can easily fit in a suitcase.

Two runners walk in front of a store's holiday display after shopping at Fleet Feet

Hydrate and Limit Alcohol

Eggnog, wine and cocktails abound during the holidays. But drink a glass of water before refilling your glass with that holiday punch. Drinking water can help prevent hangovers and unpleasant after-party feelings (headache, fatigue, dizziness) by keeping you hydrated. It can also assist in weight loss and increase your metabolism.

Mix Things Up

There is no better time to mix up your workout routine than during the holidays. Plan a day hike, walk when possible or rally the troops for a fun, active game. Looking for creative ways to keep moving is half the holiday fun.

Be Mindful of Grazing

From tables of appetizers to platters of snacks, overgrazing has become a holiday tradition. This form of mindless eating can lead to excess intake and weight gain. After a few tastes and nibbles, place some distance between you and the food tables to help curb the desire to continue munching.

Carve Out Time For a Workout

With the holiday hustle and bustle, finding time for a traditional workout can be hard. Swap the hour-long gym session for a quick interval workout. Short rounds of high-intensity exercises have been shown to improve metabolic function and boost motivation. Whether your workout is five minutes or a half-hour, any movement is progress.

Here’s a quick holiday workout you can do just about anywhere:

Perform exercises in a circuit, 3-4 sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.



Sumo Squat

30 seconds - 1 minute

Pulse Squat

30 seconds - 1 minute

Squat Jump

30 seconds - 1 minute


30 seconds - 1 minute

Push Up

30 seconds - 1 minute


30 seconds - 1 minute

Mountain Climbers

30 seconds - 1 minute

Serving Size Mindfulness

Be mindful of the serving size before diving into the stuffing or slathering on the gravy. No need to bring along the measuring cups; portion your plate by using your hand as a measurement. Thinking about eating a palm of meat and a thumb of cheese isn’t an exact science, but it does help keep your plate balanced.

Enjoy, but Don’t Overindulge

The holidays are a yearly excuse for good food and spending quality time with the people you love. One sure way of ruining the season is by obsessing about food and fitness. Indulge with balance by loosening the grip on those healthy habits without completely letting go.

By Amanda Boyd. Amanda has a fierce love for the outdoors and passion for staying active. Although running is her first love, she spends much of her time hiking, biking, and perfecting her pickleball skills. As a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and endurance specialist, Amanda spends most of her time talking fitness and coaching clients.

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