This Pulling Drill Will Improve Your Running Form and Cadence

Do you ever feel like you shuffle more than you run? Or perhaps you wish you picked up your feet a little bit more because you find yourself tripping more than you’d like to admit? If so, you’re not alone! And if you’ve ever tripped or stumbled out of nowhere, Coach Nate has the perfect solution for you to try in our latest video – the pulling drill.

Stand in place and pull your foot straight up underneath you. Think about splitting the difference between a high knee and a butt kick. Try this 10 times on both legs.

Next, jog in place and exaggerate the pull of one leg at least 10 times. Stay relaxed and tall in the upper body.

Finally, start jogging forward repeating the same step above.

Add this pulling drill in for 5 minutes in the beginning, middle and end of your run. Focus on the drill for 30 seconds, and then run smooth and easy for 30 seconds.

Watch the video to learn how performing this drill for just five per day improves your posture, engages your core and increases your running cadence.

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