This Fun Workout Helps You Run Faster

Ready for some "speed play?" That's the real meaning of the word fartlek. It's a fun way to find your next gear and have a blast doing it.

The lack of structure in a fartlek workout removes the pressure of hitting a specific pace or time goal. Your body is capable of running faster and longer than you think. With a fartlek, you engage in speed training that is playful and doesn't feel like a lot of work. So, let’s trick ourselves into getting faster. Ready?

The workout:

WARM UP: 10 minutes of easy running.

DYNAMIC WARM UP: High Knees, Butt Kicks, Forward Lunges with a Kick, Leg Swings.

4 x 20-second strides with 40-second recovery.

WORKOUT: 10-20 total minutes of unstructured fartlek.

Feel free to scale this workout up or down depending on your fitness level. This time, the only limitation is that you cannot run a hard interval for more than a mile. Have fun!