The Best Compliments You Can Give a Runner

Runners high five during a workout.

It's no secret that running often leaves a smile on our face and relieves feeling of stress and anxiety. But sometimes, we need more than a runner's high. Studies show that compliments amplify our moods—both when we give and receive them—and they create positive social energy when given genuinely. The best way to test this out is by doling out compliments to all your best running friends.

We reached out to our followers to ask about the best compliments you can give a runner and compiled a list below. We bet there will be some compliments you never would've thought of.

Looking strong!

Runners can be self conscious about the way we look as we run. Huffing and puffing, swinging our arms and grimacing as we push ourselves to the limit isn't often a pretty sight. But hearing that we look strong takes the focus away from our pain and our self-doubt and gives us a healthy dose of positive reinforcement to push us towards the finish line.

You kept me going during the race.

We all know how tough it can feel to finish strong on a grueling race course. Sometimes finding someone slightly ahead of you to stick with can make all the difference between a crushing feeling of defeat and crushing a new PR. What feels even better than crushing a new PR? Knowing that you were the person who unwittingly pulled a fellow runner along to a personal best.

Runners run through a paved trail surrounded by trees.

You have great form!

We all like to picture ourselves as gazelles running effortlessly through the savannah, when the reality is probably quite different. However, having good running form is an attainable goal for all levels and abilities. You don't need to run super long or fast to have great form, you just need to focus on the basics. Proper running form means you're running smoothly and efficiently, and who doesn't want to hear that?

​You're a reliable kudos-giver on Strava.

Just like compliments, those orange thumbs-up on our Strava runs can leave us feeling happier than a runner with a bowl full of pasta. While it feels great to receive kudos on our runs, it feels even better to be recognized for our encouragement of others.

Two runners run in matching outfits.

Your outfit, shoes and socks match perfectly.

Our fashionista runners understand the struggle of trying to color coordinate everything. From shoes to socks, apparel and accessories, there's a lot to think about when planning your next head-to-toe look. It means a lot when others appreciate the hard work that goes into bringing together the perfect running outfit.

Have some more compliments you think we should add? Head over to our Facebook post and let us know what you'd like to hear next time you're out for a run.

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