Support Your Patients and Enhance Your Medical Practice with Fleet Feet

A Fleet Feet outfitter talks to customers.

As a physician, you may have heard about Fleet Feet via our Medical Outreach program. If you’re wondering how and why we can work together, you’ve come to the right place. The patients you treat who experience pain and discomfort often see resolution from the proper shoes, inserts, compression products and more. Here’s why Fleet Feet can be a valuable partner for your customers, as well as your medical practice.

As a brief introduction to explain who we are at Fleet Feet, we are the largest running specialty retailer in the US, with over 260 locations. But having the largest footprint doesn’t mean we’re a big box chain—quite the opposite. Every location is locally owned or operated, and staff are rigorously trained to outfit customers with the best-fitting shoes, inserts and gear for their specific needs. Read on to learn more.

Fleet Feet welcomes everyone – not just runners

One of the most common obstacles customers seeking the best shoe is the belief that they don’t belong in a running store because they aren’t a runner. While Fleet Feet is a running specialty store, we see just as many non-runner customers as runners on a daily basis. Everyone deserves to have a comfortable pair of shoes that fits their feet just right, and running shoes just happen to be the best in the market.

When you refer a patient to us, rest assured that they will be welcome in our store no matter their age, ability, pain level or any other factor. They don’t need to be a runner to find their perfect fit at Fleet Feet!

Outfitters complete rigorous training

A Fleet Feet outfitter watches as a customer walks across the pressure plate.

Our Outfitters are the best in the business at finding customers their perfect fit. In order to work at Fleet Feet, Outfitters must complete an extensive onboarding process, including the completion of many educational components. They learn about products, basic anatomy and physiology, and the Fleet Feet’s fit id® outfitting process.

Outfitters are trained to interview customers to learn about their needs and goals, then take 3D measurements of their feet. At many locations, they also observe a customer’s walking patterns using Dynamic Pressure Mapping Technology.

Outfitters can understand the results of a scan combined with the information provided by a patient, and in many cases, a medical referral, to recommend the appropriate footwear or other gear as needed.

Your recommendations and feedback are valued

Staff members are instructed to follow all medical referrals and contact practitioners with any questions. Our goal is to find solutions for your patients and to assist them with any information regarding the products we carry.

Stores can vary in terms of staff expertise, but in many locations our Outfitters are comfortable working with customers who experience issues like AFO's, prostheses, drop foot, hammer toes, balance issues or diabetes, etc. Ask the contact at your local store for more information about the current expertise on staff.

Additionally, we welcome and appreciate feedback from medical professionals. Let us know how we can help!

We’re your resource for the best footwear brands

A Fleet Feet outfitter puts a pair of shoes on a customer's feet.

We love using our brand knowledge to find the perfect fit for each customer. The technology and trends in footwear moves at a rapid pace and our Outfitters are trained to understand the fit and function behind new models as they are released. We carry a wide variety of footwear brands and models in every Fleet Feet store. Many have models with the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval.

As a medical provider, you don’t have time to keep up with shoes that change every 12 to 18 months. Instead, count on your local Fleet Feet to be your resource!

When we recommend a shoe for an individual, we take into account the person’s foot shape, need for cushioning, heel-to-toe-drop, and any injuries or pre-existing conditions.

See which brands we carry on our website.

Fleet Feet carries a wide range of medical products

In addition to shoes, our Outfitters are trained to fit customers in the following products and more:

A Fleet Feet outfitter holds several boxes of shoes while smiling.

Let’s work together!

From patient referral pads to lunch and learns, there are plenty of ways to get started. Connect with your local store to learn more and get started.