Speed Work with 100-Mile World Champion Zach Bitter

Join Altra Athlete and 100-Mile World Champion Zack Bitter in this unique speed workout with two main options. If you're not an ultra runner, we recommend that you modify this workout and cut the volume to one quarter or one half. Zack and Nicole designed this as a workout that they could do together, despite running at different paces.


15 minutes of easy jogging followed by 4-6 20-second strides.


Pick your poison:

8 to 10 x one-mile at marathon pace with 90-sec recovery jog.


8 to 10 x 400-meter repeats at about 90% max heart rate with one-mile flow at aerobic threshold pace in between.

If you're not an ultra runner, or if you're new to running, be sure and modify your workout to fit your fitness level. Cut the workout to 2 to 4 reps, or whatever matches your fitness and experience level.

COOL DOWN: 15-minute easy cool down.

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