Shoe Review: Saucony Triumph 19

A side view of the PWRRUN+ midsole foam.

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One of our best cushioned running shoes, the Saucony Triumph 19 runs like a dream.

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The Triumph 19 is built on a cushy bed of PWRRUN+ midsole foam, which delivers smooth transitions and luxurious cushioning from landing to toe-off. The sock-like upper instantly hugs your foot in comfort that lasts even the longest runs.

Tech Specs

Saucony Triumph 19


9.1 oz (W) 10.2 oz (M)


8 mm




Daily training


Road, Track

Our reviewers put the Saucony Triumph 19 to the test through long runs and daily workouts and were thrilled with the durable, soft feel underfoot.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Saucony Triumph 19.

PWRRUN+ Delivers Plush Cushioning

A view of the PWRRUN+ midsole foam

Saucony powered the Triumph 19 with plush, responsive PWRRUN+ midsole foam. PWRRUN+ cushions each landing and energizes toe-offs with powerful energy return that keeps you feeling fresh over long miles.

“The PWRRUN+ foam is really plush and supportive, so I feel confident putting daily mileage on them and comfortably move between speed work and longer, slower efforts in these shoes,” says one reviewer.

In addition to the plush cushioning, Saucony designers incorporated a gentle rocker shape into the Triumph 19 to further support rolling transitions.

“The PWRRUN+ foam is really plush and supportive without forcing you into a tall stack height,” says one reviewer. “The rocker shape is definitely present, but isn’t so robust that it dominates the ride.”

While the Triumph 19 sports similar PWRRUN+ technology to the Endorphin Shift 2, it maintains a lower, more accessible profile.

“The Triumph fits pretty similarly to the Endorphin Shift but doesn’t have the same stack height or height around the ankle, which made them feel a little more flexible,” says one reviewer.

A view of the XT-900 outsole

The low heel-toe offset works with the broad, relatively flat base of the Triumph to create stable landings and takeoffs, no matter what speed you’re running at.

“I immediately noticed the flat shape of the outsole, which is a great sign that these shoes offer stability without being clunky,” says one reviewer.

Like any shoe designed for daily mileage, durability is key. The Triumph 19 is padded with an XT-900 blown rubber outsole that offers the grip and shock absorption you need to run comfortably.

Our reviewers immediately had confidence that the Triumph 19 could last through intense training blocks demanding high mileage.

“The outsole is grippy enough to handle slick roads and track, and is robust enough to really offer padding to your landings without making the shoe feel clunky or heavy,” says one reviewer.

Re-engineered Mesh Upper Creates Sock-Like Fit

A pair of Saucony Triumph 19 running shoes

The updated Triumph 19 features an engineered mono-mesh upper that wraps your foot in long-lasting comfort.

Runners will instantly feel the benefits of the mono-mesh due to the increased breathability it offers, as well as increased flexibility.

“These are really light, but as soon as I started running in them they immediately felt supportive and durable. The mesh is really breathable and I found it to be pretty flexible since it's a monomesh,” says one reviewer.

The monomesh upper works with Saucony FORMFIT technology to create a 3D, contoured fit that supports the unique curves of your foot.

A pair of Saucony Triumph 19 running shoes

In addition to FORMFIT technology, the Triumph 19 features a well-padded heel collar that helps to secure your foot over the PWRRUN+ midsole as you run.

A padded tongue works with an updated lacing system to help you dial in the fit throughout the midfoot while sueded detailing adds an extra element of smoothness to the overall feeling of the shoe.

“As soon as I put these on, they were instantly comfortable. I felt like I could cinch down my midfoot without squeezing my toes too tight,” says one reviewer. “I definitely had plenty of room for natural movement in the forefoot but felt secure in the heel.”

While the roomy toe box helps to accommodate natural toe splay, the Triumph 19 is also available in wide sizing for those who need it.

Saucony Triumph 19 vs Triumph 18

A comparison of the Saucony Triumph 19 an the Triumph 18

Tech Comparison

Saucony Triumph 19

Saucony Triumph 18


9.1 oz (W) 10.2 oz (M)

9.7 oz (W) 11.1 oz (M)


8 mm

8 mm




Midsole Foam




Engineered monomesh

Engineered knit mesh

Long-time wearers of the Triumph will notice the significantly lightweight feel of the updated Triumph 19, thanks to the new, engineered monomesh upper.

“Any shoe that’s been around for 19 iterations has got to be good, but this recent update makes the Triumph even better,” says one reviewer.

The shoe remains powered by PWRRUN+ midsole foam, offering plenty of cushioning and responsive energy return over long runs and daily workouts.

The monomesh offers increased ventilation and flexibility than the previous Triumph 18, and works with the padded heel collar and tongue to create a secure, comfortable fit mile after mile.

Final Thoughts

The Saucony Triumph 19 is a plush trainer built to last through daily mileage at any pace.

Soft, responsive PWRRUN+ midsole foam cushions every landing and energizes each take-off for a rolling feeling on the run.

The biggest update to the Triumph 19 is the new, lightweight engineered monomesh upper. THe new upper is more breathable than ever before and hugs your foot for a secure, yet flexible feel.

“The new monomesh is super lightweight and flexible, which works really well with the rocker shape in the toe of the shoe to help the shoe transition between speed work and long runs,” says one reviewer. “Overall these feel cushioned and durable enough to wear for daily training and road races from 5K and up.”

No matter where your next run takes you, add an element of plush with the Saucony Triumph 19.

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