Shoe Review: Saucony Omni 21

A side profile shot of the white men's Saucony Omni 21.

The Saucony Omni 21 is a premium, stability-enhancing everyday training shoe that provides both reliable support and superior cushioning.

For runners who tend to overpronate or need more support in the latter miles of a long run, the Omni 21 provides inherent stability to help reduce the inward rolling movement of each foot. The latest edition of the Saucony Omni is considerably softer, bouncier and lighter than the previous version while still providing the consistent support the Omni has always been known for.

Tech Specs

Saucony Omni 21

Saucony Omni 20


9.7 oz (W) / 11.1 oz (M)

10.3 (W), 11.7 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe Drop

8 mm

8 mm





Everyday Training, Long Runs

Everyday Training, Long Runs




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The Omni 21 Serves Up Soft, Smooth Ride

Close up of Saucony Omni midsole

Oozing soft cushioning and chock full of reliable support, the Omni 21 has been smartly enhanced with a smoother, softer ride. It fits true to size with a medium interior volume that feels spacious in the forefoot. The soft interior padding and new upper create a dynamic, locked-down fit to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes.

Dependable security comes from a combination of the updated FORMFIT shape, a more accommodating heel collar, internal support webbing, a firm medial post built into the outsole and a new, engineered mesh upper. The seamless, engineered mesh upper with supportive TPU overlays not only looks great, but it helps lock your feet down for a smooth, stable feeling that lasts over long distances.

“The Omni offers plenty of cushion around the heel collar to give a comfy fit,” says Kate. “It feels like the fabric molds to the shape of my ankle for a soft and secure feeling. The mesh is sturdy but still breathable. ”

But what makes this new edition of the Omni so special is the new dual-density PWRRUN compound (one layer is soft, the other more firm) and SpeedRoll-inspired geometry that create a fun, bouncy and energetic sensation as you roll forward to the toe-off phase.

The updated PWRRUN cushioning combined with strategically placed flex grooves in the forefoot serve up a much livelier ride than ever before without sacrificing the stability that overpronating runners need.

“This shoe runs smoother and softer than I first expected,” says Nate. “I sometimes find shoes with added stability blocky and restrictive. Not so with the Omni 21. While I can feel the additional support at play, it runs with a smooth sensation that is a real pleasure.”

Omni 21 vs Omni 20

A pair of men's white Saucony Omni 21.

The two biggest updates to the Omni 21—the new upper and a softer PWRRUN foam midsole—make the shoe feel much lighter and more responsive than the previous version. The new midsole foam formulation helps make the shoe a half-ounce lighter and creates a livelier sensation in every stride.

“The Omni definitely has a stable feel on the run,” Kate says. “It’s made for people with more flexible arches and movement overall, so it’s great for giving your feet more of a controlled feeling without being overly restrictive. I like that the Omni is really secure in the heel and midfoot, but more flexible in the toe, so the shoe lets your foot move where it needs to while providing support to prevent excess motion.”

The Omni 21 retains the 8mm heel-to-toe offset from last year’s model and the same stack heights (34mm in heel, 26mm in the forefoot), but it runs smoother thanks to the softer foam.

A smooth, controlled ride remains the name of the game for the Omni 21, no matter the pace. It has a touch of softness and a flexible forefoot to allow it to run faster speeds with aplomb.

“This shoe offers the best of all worlds for runners who need extra stability,” Brian says. “I appreciate the supportive feeling on long runs and slower recovery runs, but I also liked the energetic vibe it provided on a tempo run and a fast fartlek session in which I hit a wide range of paces.”

The bottom line is that it’s lighter, looks sleeker, fits better and is capable of running faster while still providing the stability overpronators need.

A pair of Saucony Omni 21 sits propped up against a grey wall.

Final Thoughts

New and experienced runners alike who appreciate a soft, lively and stable ride with reliable medial-side support will love the new Saucony Omni 21. It provides durable comfort for long runs and recovery runs, but it also has enough energetic pop for faster paces.

Our reviewers love this shoe because it blends performance, durability and style into one package. The durable nature of the midsole foam and outsole rubber will help you get maximum mileage out of the Omni 21.

“The Omni is a classic for a reason. It’s been a tried and true trainer for a long time,” Kate says. “If you’re looking for a nice, stable cruising shoe that hits the sweet spot between firm and soft, the Omni is a strong choice. I’d recommend it for regular training days and longer runs.”

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