Shoe Review: Saucony Endorphin Trail

The Saucony Endorphin Trail shoes.

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Run wild in Saucony’s fastest trail shoe yet, the Endorphin Trail.

Saucony designers brought their fast (and furious?) SPEEDROLL technology to the trails, aiming to deliver a propulsive ride while making light work of rugged terrain.

Tech Specs

Saucony Endorphin Trail


9 oz (W) 10.4 oz (M)


4 mm


Trail, Neutral


Trail racing, Daily training


Non-technical trails

The Endorphin Trail is impossibly lightweight while giving you all the protective cushioning you need to tackle the trails. Robust multi-directional lugging gives you the grip you need to confidently summit big hills and fly down slopes.

Our reviewers loved the plush, comfortable feel of the Endorphin Trail for fast efforts on the trails. We think you will too.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Saucony Endorphin Trail.

Endorphin Speed is PWR-ful On Trails

A close view of the PWRRUN PB foam in the Endorphin Trail

Like all the other shoes in the updated Saucony Endorphin collection, the Endorphin Trail is powered by responsive PWRRUN PB midsole foam, so you can bound over trails effortlessly.

PWRRUN PB is Saucony’s lightest midsole foam, and a thick stack of this foam helps the Endorphin Trail deliver premium energy return to your legs as you run, while cushioning each landing.

“The cushioning from the midsole handles impact well and protects from uneven surfaces like rocks and roots. My feet feel beat up at times after a trail run, but that was not at all the case in the Endorphin Trail,” says one reviewer.

This speedy midsole foam works with Saucony SPEEDROLL technology to deliver smooth transitions, even on not-so-smooth trails. Plus, a durable mesh netting over the foam protects the cushioning for long-lasting support.

“I found the ride to be really bouncy and propulsive, even though I was on the trail,” says one reviewer.

An outsole view of the Endorphin Trail

A stand-out feature of the Endorphin Trail is the robust PWRTRAC lugging on the outsole.

Constructed with super-grippy rubber, Saucony PWRTRAC uses multidirectional lugging to give you traction on both uphill and downhill runs.

“I thought the outsole was pretty cool. It has multidirectional lugging for a really good grip uphill and downhill, but it’s rubbery enough to efficiently deal with water,” says one reviewer.

The rubber between the 4.5 mm lugs is relatively smooth, mimicking the minimalist outsole design of road racing shoes. While the rubber is durable and tough, some of our reviewers found themselves looking for a little more traction on more technical trails.

“I’d recommend this shoe for trail racing, or for use over less technical trails. While the lugging definitely gets the job done, I found myself looking for a little more grip,” says one reviewer.

The lugging on the Endorphin Trail is strategically placed to support high speeds and fast turnovers on trails, so you can fly through your next trail race.

Upper Promises Snug Fit and Protective Feel

Saucony brings race-day checks to every surface, even the trails. The Endorphin Trail sports a muted racing check pattern that we’ve seen across every model of the Saucony Endorphin update.

Top view of the sleeve mesh upper.

On top of bold style, the Endorphin Trail delivers lightweight protection and personalized fit thanks to Saucony FORMFIT technology. FORMFIT uses a 3D construction throughout the footbed and upper to hug the unique contours of your foot.

The upper uses a sleeve construction, unlike a traditional upper that has a separated tongue, the Endorphin Trail’s tongue is simply an extended part of the upper mesh, leaving no room for debris to sneak in while you run.

“These have a really snug, protected fit without feeling suffocating,” says one reviewer. “I found the attached tongue to be a really cool and comfortable feature. The tongue is a continuation of the upper and gives the whole shoe a sock-like feel.”

Our reviewers appreciated the accommodating toe box that allows for natural toe splay and comfortably fits wider feet and even thicker socks. Plus, the wider forefoot helps to stabilize landings on unpredictable surfaces.

A close view of the heel collar of the Endorphin Trail

In addition to the nearly debris-proof upper mesh, the heel collar features plush padding that secures your foot in place and helps to keep everything else out.

“The heel collar is nicely padded and keeps debris out and gives my heel the structure it needs to feel secure,” says one reviewer.

A pull tab at the heel helps make putting on and taking off your Endorphin Trail’s easy, even after a run in the mud. And, a D ring at the end of the lacing system provides gaiter compatibility for even more protection from the elements.

Alongside the heel collar, an intricate lacing system helps to create a secure feel throughout the midfoot of the shoe and uses slip-proof laces so you don’t have to worry about retying your shoes.

Final Thoughts

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The Saucony Endorphin Trail is built to take you to top speeds in your next trail race.

A thick stack of responsive PWRRUN PB midsole foam propels you forward with each step, and cushions landings for a protective, yet energetic feel underfoot.

Aggressive PWRTRAC lugging on the outsole makes easy work out of ascents and descents while keeping the shoe lightweight on the run.

The Endorphin Trail uses an unique, quick-fit sleeve upper to lock in comfort and keep debris out. The engineered mesh upper is feather light but tough enough to last through burley trails and wet conditions alike.

Our reviewers recommend the Saucony Endorphin Trail for race efforts on non-technical and gravel trials.

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