Shoe Review: OOFOS OOcloog and OOcoozie

A pair of the women's OOFOS oocoozie white and chestnut.

Cozy up this winter with OOFOS recovery footwear.

You may have seen OOFOS recovery sandals on the feet of other runners after races and workouts, or read about them in our OOFOS Recovery Sandals review. But for those chilly days when you want a little more coverage, the OOFOS OOcloog and OOcoozie are there to provide comfort and support while keeping your feet nice and toasty.

The OOFOS OOcloog and OOcoozie use the same patented footbed that makes OOFOS sandals so popular, while offering all-around comfort and protection for your entire foot. Whether you enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling provided by the OOcoozie or the supportive sensation of the OOcloog, there’s something for everyone in the OOFOS line.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested the OOFOS OOcloog and OOcoozie to see how they fit and feel. Here’s everything you need to know.

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OOFOS OOcloog Feels Supportive and Durable

A pair of the black OOFOS OOcloog sits on a white floor.

Every OOFOS shoe starts with the patented OOFOS footbed that cushions your feet and cradles your arches, and the OOcloog is no different.

OOFOS uses their proprietary OOfoam technology to absorb impact and reduce stress on your feet, ankles and other joints. OOFOS says their closed-cell foam absorbs 37 percent more impact than traditional EVA foams. More impact absorption leads to less wear and tear on your body, keeping your feet and legs feeling fresh.

“The OOcloog has that signature OOFOS step-in feel that is super soft and comfy, but feels more sturdy and substantial than the sandals I’ve tried,” Kate says. “I still get that pleasant, squishy sensation that’s typical of OOFOS, but these feel even more supportive.”

Part of what makes the OOcloog feel more substantial than the OOFOS sandals and slides is the thick rubber upper that holds your feet in place. A slightly textured pattern on the insole of the clog provides enough grip to keep your feet from slipping and sliding.

“The OOcloog feels great to wear around the house and to run errands in after a morning run,” Alex says. “They feel more firm and stable than other rubber clogs I’ve worn - they didn’t feel like they would slip or bend precariously on my feet in uneven or slick terrain.”

While reviewers enjoyed the soft, supportive feel of the OOcloog, some noticed that their feet felt sweaty after wearing the clogs. Wearing the OOcloog with socks solved that problem. “These clogs are a great alternative to OOFOS sandals and slides,” Caroline says. “They offer the same plush and supportive footbed with an extra layer of protection around your feet in the upper. If you’re somewhere where you need to wear closed toed shoes or just want to keep your toes covered, these will work perfectly.”

Cozy Up in the OOFOS OOcoozie

A pair of the women's OOFOS OOcoozie sits propped up against a staircase.

Thanks to a cushy, supportive midsole and a warm, inviting upper, the OOFOS OOcoozie shoe is the perfect choice for chilly winter days when comfort is your top priority.

The OOcoozie shoe features the same patented footbed as the OOcloog with a soft, fuzzy upper that envelops your foot like a hug. The upper is made with vegan sherpa material, a fluffy knit cloth that retains heat and keeps you cozy both indoors and outside.

“The OOFOS OOcoozie just slides right on and feels amazingly comfortable around my foot,” Caroline says. “The soft, cozy upper feels like your pair of favorite pajamas. While they’re fuzzy, they’re still fairly breathable so my feet aren’t sweating all day.”

While the upper is made with warm, fluffy material, your foot rests on a traditional rubber insole. This means you won’t have to deal with the sweaty, matted fluff that plagues the insides of so many slippers.

“I really dig the closed-toe design and the welcoming sherpa material,” Nate says. “A thick stack of cushioning underfoot cradles my feet while providing a respectable amount of firmness and support. That, combined with the softness of the upper, makes for a nice, balanced feel.”

Whether or not you live somewhere that has cold winters, the OOFOS OOcoozie can be enjoyed by anyone.

“These are perfect for my days working from home,” says Caroline, our Florida-based reviewer. “I don’t like to walk barefoot on the hard floors around my house, and these are the coziest option for protecting my feet and keeping them happy.”

Final Thoughts

No matter what winter looks like in your neck of the woods, you can count on OOFOS recovery footwear to keep your feet healthy and happy. With a supportive footbed that cradles your arches, durable and comfortable uppers to keep your feet cozy, and stylish colors to keep you looking your best, you can’t go wrong with either the OOFOS OOcloog or OOcoozie.

If closed-toed shoes aren’t your jam, be sure to check out OOFOS recovery sandals and slides. These sandals and slides feature the same footbed as the OOcloog and OOcoozie with durable rubber uppers that give your toes room to breathe.

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