Shoe Review: On Cloudswift 2.0

A pair of On Cloudswift running shoes

⚠️ The On Cloudswift 3 has been released!

On's bestselling Cloudswift has been updated. We carry a full range of sizes and colorways in the On Cloudswift 3.

Women's Cloudswift 3| Men's Cloudswift 3

The latest generation of the On Cloudswift gives you exactly what you need for running city streets.

On cushioned the Cloudswift with pods of Helion foam and enhanced the ride with its Speedboard technology. The newest model sports a redesigned upper for a dialed-in fit, but it maintains its lightweight feel for snappy miles.

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Fleet Feet runners logged their miles in the new On Cloudswift to see how it feels and how it’s changed from the original. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest from On.

Tech specs

On Cloudswift


7.76 oz (W), 9.95 oz (M)


7 mm




Everyday training


Road, track

Minimalist Upper Deliver Secure Fit

A pair of the updated On Cloudswift running shoes

On is known for its sleek, minimalist aesthetic, and the Cloudswift maintains the same vibe.

The new Cloudswift has a mesh upper for smooth looks and top performance. Designers used two layers of mesh in the upper: A thin, perforated outer layer vents heat while a soft and smooth inner layer feels comfortable against your foot.

A unique feature of the Cloudswift is its tongue. Instead of a free-floating tongue on top of your foot, On sewed each side of the tongue into the shoe to create a bootie-like fit. The sewn-in tongue feels snug around the midfoot for a secure fit.

One reviewer says it felt a little tight when he was trying to slip his foot in, but it creates a performance-focused fit.

“Since the tongue is sewn in, I had to wiggle my foot a little bit to get the shoe on,” he says. “But once I got my foot in, the midfoot felt really, really secure without being so tight that my foot went to sleep.”

Broad straps wrapped on each side of the midfoot form a cage around the outside of the shoe that provides additional security. Designers threaded the laces through the straps to help you lock down the fit when you tie the shoe.

Fleet Feet reviewers also noticed the midfoot structure and arch support beneath their feet. The arch feels more pronounced than other running shoes in the same category, which testers say helps fill up any dead space in the shoe and create a fuller feeling fit.

Helion Foam, Speedboard Creates Rolling Ride

The Helion foam midsole on the On Cloudswift 2

The Cloudswift’s main cushioning comes in the form of On’s Helion foam.

Helion is a lightweight foam composition that On created to balance cushion and energy return. The Swiss brand then took the foam and formed it into their unique Cloud elements for dynamic cushioning: Each pod collapses when you land and springs back into shape as you push off.

If you’ve never worn a pair of On running shoes before, you’ll quickly notice a different feel than most other running shoes. You’ll feel the Cloud elements going to work, which creates a unique rolling feel.

“I really notice the way I seem to roll forward with each step,” she says. “On shoes have a distinctly different feel than others, and I really like this one in particular.”

The other major performance feature is On’s Speedboard technology. The Speedboard is a piece of plastic layered between the midsole and footbed. Every time it flexes, it loads with energy and then snaps back into shape when you take off to create more pop with each step.

The Speedboard creates a pleasant snap with each step.

“I feel like the Cloudswift really encourages a quick turnover,” one reviewer says. “The forward roll with the snappy takeoff makes for an engaging ride.”

What’s New

The outsole of the On Cloudswift

On didn’t change much when it updated the Cloudswift, but there are a few differences that improve the experience.

Designers reconfigured the Cloud elements in the midsole. The pods in the heel are larger for softer landings, and the ones in the forefoot were reconfigured for a bit of extra cushioning.

The outsoles are nearly identical, with rubber covering some of the elements in the heel and forefoot for extra grip and durability.

The midfoot cage is also a little different. The straps on the outgoing model had some stretch to them, but the cage on the new Cloudswift is more static.

Otherwise, the original Cloudswift and the new one are very similar. The low-profile silhouette remains the same, and the sleek, minimalist upper maintains the shoe’s modern look.

Final Thoughts

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The updated On Cloudswift is ready for quick miles on pavement.

On enlarged the Cloud elements for a softer underfoot feel, but they kept the rocker shape and Speedboard that creates the snappy, engaging ride.

Paired with a clean mesh upper for a city-ready look, the new On Cloudswift delivers performance and style fit for your lifestyle.

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