Shoe Review: New Balance 860v10

Professional runner Abbey Cooper holds the New Balance 860v10

The New Balance 860 is one of the most popular New Balance running shoes every year, and the 860v10 is as reliable as it’s ever been.

New Balance’s classic stability running shoe is back for its 10th iteration, and it hasn’t lost a step. This year’s edition maintains the line’s easy-going medial post to give your legs subtle stability, and it continues with the TRUFUSE midsole cushion that the 860v9 had.

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New with version 10, though, is the 3D molded heel cup that improves the shoe’s fit without changing the famous ride.

The shoe has long been a favorite among recreational runners and professionals alike. We met up with New Balance athlete Abbey Cooper, who competed in the 5000 meters at the 2016 Olympics and the 2015 World Championships. Cooper is a longtime 860 fan. She says the v10 keeps what she loved about previous versions but has an improved overall feel.

"The 860 has been such a constant for me amidst a lot of change,” says Cooper, who recently moved to North Carolina. “I have always been an overpronator, so I need stability and a shoe that doesn’t compromise my training in terms of the amount of intensity that I’m doing.”

Fleet Feet runners took the New Balance 860v10 out for their regular workouts to test out the new version. Here’s what we thought about the shoe’s fit, its ride and how it compares to last year’s model.

New Balance 860v10 Fit and Materials

Professional track athlete Abbey Cooper laces up the women's New Balance 860v10

New Balance wrapped the shoe in a lofted double jacquard engineered mesh upper, which basically just means it’s plush and pliable.

The toe box provides ample room for most feet, and it comes in wide widths for runners who need even more space.

“The toe box and shape feel just right to me,” one Fleet Feet testers says. “I can lift my toes without feeling pressure on them, and the fabric of the whole shoe feels smooth against my foot.”

The new 3D-molded Ultra Heel lends the shoe a premium fit, too. New Balance redesigned the heel to streamline the shoe and lock in your foot, which it does well thanks to the internal heel counter. Inside, a soft, seamless pad wraps around the shoe for an extra plush feel.

“The qualities that originally drew me toward it are still there, and it’s also been enhanced,” says Cooper. “The new 3D-molded heel feels softer and smoother than ever.”

Even with a plush step-in feel and secure fit, the heel cup still feels minimal. The heel collar is slim around the ankle, and it conforms to the shape of your heel for a custom-like comfort.

A padded tongue boosts the 860’s comfort even more. And it’s anchored with two stretchy elastic bands, so it won’t slip to either side midstride.

New Balance 860v10 Ride and Performance

Profession track athlete Abbey Cooper runs in the New Balance 860v10, a women's stability running shoe from New Balance

Stability is what differentiates the 860v10 from its neutral sibling, the New Balance 880, so it’s ideal for runners who overpronate.

A medial post along the inside edge of the shoe creates a stable platform. This firmer, more durable foam compresses less than the surrounding cushion, so it resists the excess wear overpronators put on the medial side of the shoe, maintaining the shoe’s stability over its lifetime.

The women’s version of the 860v10 weighs 9.7 ounces, ad the men’s weighs just 11.8 ounces. The light weight paired with the stable foundation makes it great for most of your workouts.

“The 860v10 is versatile because it feels sturdy enough to get me through the miles of a long run and also feels light enough to run at a faster pace,” Cooper says.

A blown rubber outsole is grippy and durable. Two main grooves help the forefoot flex naturally and gives you a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

New Balance 860v9 Compared to New Balance 860v10

A side-by-side comparison of the New Balance 860v9 and New Balance 860v10

The biggest change between the the 860v9 and the 860v10 is the new heel.

In a side-by-side comparison of the two shoes, the difference is easy to see. Last year's shoe used the same engineered mesh across the entire upper of the shoe, but the 10th version uses a smoother fabric where the new 3D-molded heel begins.

The streamlined heel gives the shoe a more modern look but still gives you a lockdown fit.

New Balance also updated the outsole pattern. The new outsole uses one V-shaped piece of blown rubber in the midfoot, while the outgoing v9 used three separate pieces of rubber. The flex grooves in the midfoot remained the same, though, for a natural feel through the forefoot.


The New Balance 860v10 takes the classic stability running shoe and makes it even better with an updated fit.

We love the v10’s new 3D-molded heel, which is slimmer without sacrificing the lock-in fit we need. The upper is soft and accommodating, and the overall fit is engineered for comfort.

But the star of the show is still the supportive medial post and responsive ride, which makes it Cooper’s go-to shoe.

“If I had to choose one shoe from my toolbox, I would choose the 860,” she says.

Still not convinced? Don’t sweat it. Fleet Feet's return policy means you can test drive your shoes and gear without risk. If you’re not happy with the way your gear performs, looks or fits, we’ll take it back within 60 days. Plus, you’ll get free return shipping on all orders. That's our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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