Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Sky 5

women's Mizuno Wave Sky 5

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With soft, smooth landings and exceptional traction for road runs, the Mizuno Wave Sky 5 is made for cruising.

Available late August, 2021.

The fifth edition of the Mizuno Wave Sky brings a complete overhaul to the plush, neutral daily trainer with a redesigned upper and new midsole foams.

The Fleet Feet Review Team put the Wave Sky 5 to the test to see how the new update fits, feels and performs. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mizuno Wave Sky 5.

Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Sky 5


9.1 oz (W) 10.9 oz (M)


8 mm




Daily training, Road racing


Road, Track

Woven Mesh Upper Creates a More Secure Fit

Men's Mizuno Wave Sky 5 upper

The past two iterations of the Wave Sky featured Mizuno’s Waveknit upper. The new edition shakes things up with Mizuno’s new Smooth Stretch Woven mesh. It just might be your foot’s new security blanket.

As the name implies, the weave is smoother to the touch than either Mizuno’s Waveknit upper or their traditional mesh upper. It features a tighter weave with added holes for ventilation. The material is also made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which means it’s a more eco-friendly product than the past. The Smooth Stretch Woven mesh upper also has more eyelets than the knit, which offers more lacing adjustability than before.

Our testers found that the woven mesh has a distinctly different feel from the knit upper of the past. They praised the seamless construction and the gusseted tongue, but also noted that the fit is more snug than past iterations.

“The woven upper has less give than last year’s knit upper,” one reviewer says. “It feels more secure, and it creates a snugger fit for my foot.”

Overall, reviewers suggest trying on the Wave Sky 5, since the new upper creates a different feel from last year’s shoe. None of our testers had trouble with their typical size, but did note that the sensation is different. The Wave Sky 5 is available in wide sizes (2E for men, D for women).

New Foam Wave Adds Pep to Your Step

Men's Mizuno Wave Sky 5 heel and foam

While the Wave Sky has always been a highly cushioned shoe, this update offers an underfoot feel that’s even softer and more responsive than before.

For the third iteration of the shoe, Mizuno designers removed their signature wave plate from the Wave Sky and replaced it with the Foam Wave, a combination of three foams that creates a stable, cushioned ride. The cushioning evolution continues as the Wave Sky 5 swaps in two new foams—Mizuno’s Enerzy Core and Wave Foams—while rounding out the trio with the same Enerzy Foam used in the Wave Sky 4.

“The new foam is peppier than I expected,” one reviewer says. “It’s softer too, and the soft but responsive combo is just what I need for recovery days and long runs. My first test run was on a day when I was really tired. Thankfully, these shoes added some life into my legs.”

According to Mizuno, Mizuno Enerzy Core foam is 293 percent softer and 56 percent more responsive compared to the U4ic foam used in the Wave Sky 4. Mizuno Enerzy foam is reported to be 17 percent softer and 15 percent more responsive than the U4ic foam.

Our reviewers noticed the difference.

The Mizuno Wave Sky 5 running shoes

“The foam makes it feel protective,” another reviewer notes. “I really like the middle ground they hit with the generous bed of Enerzy foam: It’s soft but still bouncy, so it’ll work for a wide range of abilities and workouts. Plus, it feels very stable; I don’t get any side-to-side wobbling. My foot sits right in the middle of the footbed.”

Reviewers also noted that the shoe offers a different sensation for walking versus running. While the Wave Sky 5 doesn’t have a rocker shape, it can give that sensation on a walk.

“The ride feels very rocker-ish when I walk in these,” says one reviewer. “The cushioning under the forefoot feels very full, and I feel it tipping me forward onto my toes as my foot transitions.”

Go The Extra Mile with a Durable Outsole

Mizuno Wave Sky 5 Grippy Outsole

The outsole of the Wave Sky 5 is coated in durable rubber to provide plenty of grip on pavement. Our reviewers say it has held up for many miles of testing with few signs of wear.

“I have no reservations about the grip,” says one reviewer. “There’s lots of rubber on the outsole that should also give it longevity to last through a big training cycle.”

Mizuno Wave Sky 5 vs Wave Sky 4

Tech Comparison

Mizuno Wave Sky 5

Mizuno Wave Sky 4


9.1 (W) 10.9 (M)

9.3 oz (W) 11.3 oz (M)


8 mm

10 mm




Midsole Foam

Enerzy Core, Wave, Enerzy

U4icX, XPOP, Enerzy


Smooth Stretch Woven


Comparison of Mizuno Wave Sky 4 and 5

With an update to both the upper and midsole foams, the Mizuno Wave Sky 5 has a more secure fit and higher energy return. The shoe uses recycled materials and is also lighter than ever before.

Mizuno brings exciting changes and a major overhaul with the Wave Sky 5. Overall, our reviewers were impressed with the evolution, but were clear that the new upper alters the fit. Many runners will love the extra secure upper, but it may not be for everyone.

The Wave Sky is an excellent daily trainer, recovery and long run shoe. It’s a solid choice for runners who like a stable, neutral shoe with a responsive ride.

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