Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Rebellion

A side view of the Mizuno Wave Rebellion

Long-time Mizuno fans have been waiting for their made-for speed shoe.

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion answers the call with an innovative design and a snappy, lightweight ride.

Made with a glass fiber reinforced plate, the Wave Rebellion offers responsive cushioning on a stable platform.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested Mizuno’s latest creation on long runs, speed work and gym days. Here’s everything you need to know about the Mizuno Wave Rebellion.

Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Rebellion


7.4 oz (W), 8.6 oz (M)


8 mm




Speedwork, racing


Road, track

Glass Fiber Plate Propels You Forward

The sole of the Mizuno Wave Rebellion.

The latest shoe in Mizuno’s lineup features a new midsole design created for maximum speed and efficiency.

Most Mizuno running shoes feature a Pebax-based plate, dubbed the “Wave Plate.” which offers a stable ride and dynamic cushioning. The Wave Rebellion ups the ante with a bio glass fiber reinforced plate, estimated to be 1141% snappier than the Pebax plate.

The result is a responsive and propulsive ride that will keep you going for miles.

The glass fiber plate starts in the back of the heel and forks in the forefoot, providing quick toe-offs and easy transitions.

“My first run in the Rebellion was a 10-mile endurance run that turned out faster than usual without intentionally picking up the pace. I was just running and chatting with my friend but I definitely felt quicker!” says one reviewer.

The glass fiber plate is topped with a layer of MIZUNO ENERZY LITE foam, providing the cushioning you need without the weight you don’t.

A G3 PU resin outsole adds durability while providing excellent traction on the roads.

“The tread is especially textured, which makes it really grippy, and a great choice for a wet day on the roads,” one reviewer says.

Performance Upper Won’t Hold You Back

An overhead view of the Mizuno Wave Rebellion.

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion is topped off with a thin mesh upper, providing extra breathability while remaining lightweight.

Our reviewers appreciated the smooth fabric and soft texture of the upper. A thin, gusset tongue provides the perfect combination of stability and stretch.

Some reviewers noticed that the tongue was a bit too wide for their feet, but it didn’t create any uncomfortability while running.

“The upper and tongue are very thin and light, adding to the overall ‘racing’ style of the shoe,” says one reviewer.

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion is available in two unique colorways, with the Runbird logo designed to blur as you pass by other runners.

While the upper is thin and light, the heel cup offers a decent amount of structure and stability, making this a great choice for runners who want some extra support without being weighed down.

Long, flat laces and two extra eyelets allow you to lock down the fit of your shoes for maximum comfort.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re aiming to hit your next PR or you just want to pick up the pace, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion is a great choice for your speedwork and tempo days.

“Once I picked up the pace to a tempo effort is when the shoes really came alive,” one reviewer says.

Our reviewers noticed that, while the shoe feels snappy and responsive, it might be too firm for runners who enjoy a bouncier ride.

“I recommend these for medium-long runs and races. They seem a little hard for marathon training and racing, where I would like more cushion for those longer distances,” says one reviewer. “That said, they are great for short to semi-long runs.”

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