Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

The women's Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 sits on a concrete road.

While a pair of running shoes doesn’t always provide inspiration to get out the door, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 will have stability seekers itching to lace up and hit the pavement.

The latest version of the popular Mizuno Wave Inspire features Mizuno’s signature Wave Plate, which has been redesigned to provide a more balanced, stable platform. The Wave Inspire 19 also features more Mizuno ENERZY foam, an EVA-based midsole compound, in the midsole than the previous version.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 to see how it fits, feels and performs. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest version of the Wave Inspire.

Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19


8.6 oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

12 millimeters

Stack height (heel/toe)

36 mm/24 mm





Comparable to…

ASICS GT-2000, Brooks Adrenaline

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Who is the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 Best For?

If you’re a fan of Mizuno running shoes, stepping into the Wave Inspire 19 will feel like coming home. And if you’re new to the brand, Mizuno’s best selling stability shoe is a great place to start. Reviewers noticed that this shoe had a distinctly familiar Mizuno feel.

What are stability shoes and how do they work? Learn more here.

“The Wave Inspire 8 was the first shoe that I was ever fit for at Fleet Feet when I worked at the Tucson store in 2012,” Kate says. “The latest version of the Inspire has a pretty traditional Mizuno feel—it’s firm and stable with excellent traction for the road.”

The Wave Inspire 19 is designed for stability seekers because the unique geometry of the shoe’s midsole helps reduce the effects of overpronation—the excessive, inward rolling of a runner’s feet upon landing.

The Wave Inspire, like most other stability shoes, has a distinctly rigid feel to it, so it’s ideal for runners craving a firm ride. It’s designed with a triangular shape, so it will fit best on runners whose feet taper inward at the heel. If you’re not sure about the shape of your feet, head into your local Fleet Feet for an expert, one-on-one fitting with our 3D fit id® foot scanning technology.

“These fit like the other Mizuno shoes I have tried—wider in the forefoot and narrow in the heel,” Caroline says. “It’s a perfect fit for my feet. I usually struggle with heel slippage in most running shoes and have to tie the marathon loop, but not so with these.”

A pair of the women's Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 sits on a concrete slab.

Support and Stability Are the Name of the Game

At the heart of almost every Mizuno running shoe is the Mizuno Wave Plate. This stiff, wave-shaped plate absorbs shock as you land and propels you forward as you take off. The plate is wrapped inside a thicker layer of Mizuno’s ENERZY foam that feels durable and supportive. The latest version of the Wave Inspire features even more foam around the Wave Plate for added cushioning and support.

“I much prefer the Wave Inspire 19 over the previous version because of the added Mizuno ENERZY cushioning in the midsole,” Max says. “While the actual weight didn’t change, I swear it feels lighter due to the cushion feeling softer.”

While reviewers still wouldn’t categorize the Wave Inspire 19 as a soft shoe, the added cushioning provides a smoother ride.

“I don’t typically run in stability shoes, so the Wave Inspire 19 felt pretty stiff to me when I first put them on,” says Caroline. “But they instantly softened up and felt more flexible once I hit my stride. While the heel and midfoot feel stiff, the forefoot is flexible enough for smooth toe-offs.”

Reviewers also noticed the high heel-to-toe drop (the difference in height from your heel and toes) of 12 millimeters, which is high for your average road running shoe but pretty typical with brands like Mizuno and ASICS.

“I have been struggling with calf and achilles pain for months and feel much better in shoes with a high heel-to-toe drop,” Caroline says. “I felt confident running in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19, knowing there was less pressure being put on my problem areas.”

“The Wave Inspire 19 is a great shoe for me at eight months pregnant,” Kate says. “Now that I’m moving slower and in need of more support, stability shoes with a higher heel-to-toe drop feel much better for my body and help my calves feel less sore.”

The pink and orange outsole of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19.

Engineered Mesh Upper Holds You In

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 is topped off with a durable, engineered mesh upper that holds your feet securely in place. Long laces make it easy to customize the fit of your shoe (if you choose to use different lacing techniques), and the slightly ribbed texture ensures they’ll stay tied.

While the heel collar is padded, it has a rigid shape to ensure your heel and ankle stay locked in. A soft, gusseted tongue sits flat atop your foot.

“The fit of the Wave Inspire 19 felt perfect from the moment I slid them on,” Caroline says. “The heel collar and tongue are moderately plush, but not overly so—just enough to provide some extra padding around areas that typically see a lot of rubbing on the run.”

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 vs Wave Inspire 18

A side by side comparison of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 versus Mizuno Wave Inspire 18

If you enjoyed the previous version of the Wave Inspire, you’ll likely enjoy the latest version, too. Mizuno didn’t make many changes to their best selling stability shoe, only a few minor tweaks.

First, the Wave Inspire 19 features more Mizuno ENERZY midsole foam on the top and bottom of the Wave Plate, where it was previously only placed around the heel. This makes it feel just a touch softer and more cushy, although reviewers agreed the shoe still feels firm relative to other comparable shoes on the market, like the New Balance 860 or the Brooks Adrenaline.

The Wave Plate has been redesigned in the latest version of the Wave Inspire, and now offers a more natural feeling that reviewers noticed feels smoother on the run.

“The Wave Inspire 19 is as stable as they come, thanks to the updated Wave Plate that doesn’t feel as intrusive as previous models,” Max says. “The geometry of the midsole also works to keep my transitions fluid and quick.”

The Wave Inspire 19 offers the same 12-millimeter heel-to-toe drop as the previous version, and the weight is almost identical, as well. The latest version is 8.6 ounces for the women’s model and 10.7 ounces for the men’s, while the previous version is 9.1 ounces for the women’s and 10.6 ounces for the men’s.

How Does the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 Stack Up?

We took a look at some comparable shoes and how they stack up against the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19. Here’s what we found:

Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19

ASICS GT-2000 11

Brooks Adrenaline 22


8.6 oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)

8.3 oz (W), 9.7 oz (M)

9.1 oz (W), 10.2 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

12 millimeters

8 millimeters

12 millimeters

Stack height (heel/toe)

36 mm/24 mm

23 mm/15 mm (M)

22 mm/14 mm (W)

36 mm/24 mm (M)

32 mm/20 mm (W)





Final Thoughts

If you’re a runner who needs extra stability for your stride, or you just prefer a firm ride, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 is an excellent choice for easy runs and long runs on the road.

“The Wave Inspire 19 is an excellent trainer for anyone who prefers a bit more support and structure,” Kate says. “I’ve been enjoying it for easy runs and walks, and it’s a dependable shoe for everyday training.”

“The weight and overall feel of the Wave Inspire 19 isn’t ideal for picking up the pace, but it’s important to remember where this shoe shines—creating a stable ride that’s both dependable and comfortable,” Max says.

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