Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Horizon 5

A pair of Mizuno Wave Horizon 5

Mizuno updates it’s comfiest stability shoe with the Wave Horizon 5.

The Horizon 5 brings together a unique blend of cushioning and unrivaled stability to create a smooth, supported running experience.

The updated model’s dual midsole now features MIZUNO ENERZY foam, which is 17 percent softer and 15 percent more responsive than the U4ic foam used in the Wave Horizon 4. The ENERZY foam works with another foam, called XPOP, to create a blended feeling of cushion and bounce with each step.

Mizuno designers added an updated heel collar to the Wave Horizon 5 for an even more stabilized feeling and greater comfort on the run.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 to the test through long runs and hilly workouts. Here’s what they thought.

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Tech Specs

Mizuno Wave Horizon 5


9.7 oz (W) 11.6 oz (M)


10 mm




Daily training



Huggy Heel Collar, New Midsole Foam Create Cushioned Feel

Mizuno designers homed in on the heel collar as a source of stability and comfort.

The updated heel collar takes on a wider design and uses plush cushioning to accommodate a wide range of heel shapes without compromising the overall secure feel.

“My foot instantly felt hugged,” says one reviewer. “The stiff heel cup adds to the stable feel of the shoe.”

The jacquard-clad upper mesh remains breathable with enough give for natural movement of the foot over the course of the gait cycle.

Reviewers liked the tight mesh weave that keeps debris out, yet is forgiving enough not to be restrictive.

“It hugs my midfoot and my toes have all the space that they need, but not too much,” says a Fleet Feet reviewer. “Everything about the upper creates a nice secure feel all around your foot.”

Screen Shot 2021 03 11 at 10

The Wave Horizon 5 provides a stabilized feel from the top down. In addition to the updated heel collar, the footbed sits on a stack of ENERZY and U4icX foam. These midsole foams work together to create a cushioned, supported feel from landing to take-off.

Long-time Mizuno wearers will be familiar with the plush feel of the U4icX midsole cushioning of the Wave Horizon 5 as it is also found in the Wave Enigma, Wave Inspire, Wave Rider, and Wave Prophecy.

“It’s the perfect balance between cushion and bounce without feeling super stiff. I did a hill workout in these and felt energized the whole time,” says one Fleet Feet reviewer.

MIZUNO ENERZY foam is the highlight of the Wave Horizon 5, acting as Mizuno’s response to the growing focus on energy return in recent footwear updates. The new ENERZY foam is snappier and more responsive than previous EVA technologies that Mizuno has used.

Durable Elements Promote Stability

The Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 uses cutting edge technology to create a stabilized feel that lasts mile after mile.

The Wave Horizon 5’s namesake Foam Support Wave works with the blend of midsole foams as a supportive barrier between the midsole and the outsole, promising lasting support and a stable ride.

Mizuno’s signature Foam Wave uses three different layers of foam and some skillfully applied geometry to achieve the stabilized, cushioned feel runners love.

2021 Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 11

Rectangular waves on the medial (instep) side compress less than the rounded waves on the lateral (outer) side of the shoe. Translation: overpronators who put more stress on the instep of their foot will feel supported exactly where they need it most.

“It's great for overpronators who want to minimize excess movement, and who also like a nice, soft landing.” says one reviewer.

The Foam Wave stability system works with a specially engineered outsole to create a performance stability shoe that lasts. Uneven wear is even more likely if you experience overpronation in your running gait, which is where a stability shoe like the Wave Horizon 5 comes into play.

The lightweight, X10 carbon rubber outsole helps the bottom of the Wave Horizon 5 wear evenly, providing the durability that is essential for stability shoes, as uneven wearing can lead to discomfort while running.

The flat outsole shape creates greater surface area to land on, adding to the overall stable feel of the shoe.

Fleet Feet testers loved the flat outsole design.

“I was worried that because the outsole is so tough it would limit the flexibility of the shoe. I couldn’t have been more wrong,” says one reviewer. “I noticed a considerable difference in how stable my landings felt, but the shoe was able to keep up with the bend my foot needed to get through an inclined workout.”

2021 Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 WOMENS 6

The stable yet flexible feeling of the Wave Horizon 5 is thanks to Mizuno’s Flex Groove design treading on the outsole.

Engineers designed the pattern to promote a flexible toe-off and stable landings so you can enjoy a natural-feeling gait with the extra stability you need in all weather conditions.

“The outsole has excellent durability and grippiness for road runs. Even if it's a wet, rainy day I don't worry about slipping. I feel confident and under control on my runs in this shoe,” says one reviewer.

The outsole works with the XPOP blended foam in the midsole to ensure stability and durability throughout the shoe.

A U4icX Strobel Lasting Board placed between the X10 outsole and Foam Wave stability system provides an extra layer of cushioning and durability to the Wave Horizon 5, making this shoe a super-sandwich of foam technologies and comfort.

Mizuno Wave Horizon 4 vs Wave Horizon 5

Screen Shot 2021 03 11 at 11

Fleet Feet reviewers are no strangers to the cushioned experience of the Mizuno Wave Horizon. In our Wave Horizon 4 review, we highlighted the big changes Mizuno made to their do-it-all stability shoe.

A little over a year later, our testers are still smitten with the tactfully assembled Wave Horizon 5.

“The Horizon 5 strikes the perfect balance between protection and flexibility,” glows one reviewer.

Mizuno focused on details in this iteration, redesigning the heel collar to create a more locked-in feel and including a bouncier ENERZY midsole foam to replace the U4ic midsole foam of the Wave Horizon 4.

The Wave Horizon 5 retains the snug and comfortable upper introduced with the Wave Horizon 4 and boasts a new, jacquard design and bursting colorways.

While the Wave Horizon 5 put on a few fractions of an ounce, reviewers are content with the smooth ride and reliable comfort the new model delivers.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about the Mizuno Wave Horizon 5, from its dialed-in heel collar and snug upper to the skillfully assembled blend of foams Mizuno in the midsole.

There is a clear focus on durability and stability in this new iteration of the Wave Horizon. The carbon-based rubber outsole works with detailed tread designs to promote stable landings and take-offs mile after mile.

“The Horizon 5 is a perfect shoe for long runs, recovery days and every day training,” says one Fleet Feet reviewer. “I wouldn't pick it for a speed workout, but it gives me both the cushion and support that I need for mile after mile of training. It's a super comfortable, durable, dependable trainer.”

Finding a reliable stability shoe shouldn’t compromise cushioning or flexibility, and Mizuno demonstrates this elegantly in the Wave Horizon 5.

Whether you prefer a more stable feel or find that you overpronate, the Mizuno Wave Horizon 5 offers something for every runner at every level.

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