Shoe Review: HOKA Tecton X

A side view of the HOKA Tecton X.

Get ready to blast off in the new HOKA Tecton X.

Featuring innovative technology and a lightweight, snappy ride, the HOKA Tecton X is perfect for high-speed offroading. HOKA’s latest trail shoe features two parallel carbon fiber plates in the midsole, a grippy Vibram outsole and an engineered mesh upper.

The HOKA Tecton X is the latest in a series of trail shoes aimed at shifting the carbon plated midsoles usually confined to the road onto the trails. Fleet Feet reviewers took the HOKA Tecton X for a spin on a variety of trails, from the Blue Ridge Mountains all the way to the Pacific Northwest. Here’s what you can expect.

Tech Specs

HOKA Tecton X


6.9 oz (W), 8.5 oz (M)


4 mm





Carbon Plates Add Power to HOKA Tecton X

The sole of the HOKA Tecton X.

The HOKA Tecton X features two parallel carbon fiber plates in the midsole, designed to propel you forward. If you’ve ever run in a carbon-plated shoe before, you’ve probably experienced the peppy, responsive ride they provide. While the carbon-fiber plated midsole feels noticeably different on the trail than on the road, it still adds a spring to your step.

“The Tecton X has a really lively feel on the trail. It seems to hit the perfect balance of letting me feel what’s underfoot while protecting me from rocks. I wore these on a few trail runs that have a brief road section in between and I notice that propulsive feeling just as much on the road as I do the trail, if not more on the road,” Kate says.

HOKA’s signature ProFly midsole cushioning makes for soft landings and easy transitions with a decidedly lightweight feel.

“It was great to be out pounding on the dirt with shoes this light and responsive, while still getting the protection from the impact. I’ve run in minimalist trail shoes that let you feel and grip the uneven ground and I’ve run in trail shoes that give plenty of cushioning from the rocks and roots, but these shoes seem to do both,” Alex says.

A Vibram megagrip outsole provides aggressive traction and durability whether you’re running through rugged, rocky trails or smooth dirt pathways. A protective toe cap adds another layer of defense against pesky roots and loose debris.

While they don’t offer quite as much protection as some other trail shoes in HOKA’s line up, namely the Speedgoat 5, the Tecton X is ideal for faster training runs and race day.

“When I’m trying to move lighter and quicker, I will definitely reach for these,” Alex says.

Run Confidently with a Smooth, Secure Fit

The upper of the HOKA Tecton X.

The HOKA Tecton X wraps comfortably around your foot with a single-layer jacquard engineered mesh upper. The thin, breathable material gives your feet room to move naturally while remaining comfortably locked in.

Extra padding and cushion around the heel and ankle add plush comfort, while a thin, gusseted tongue holds everything in place.

“The HOKA Tecton X fits me well all around and I still have plenty of wiggle room for my toes. The heel collar is super smooth, and I like the way the material seems to mold around my ankle,” Kate says.

Most of our reviewers appreciated the fit of the HOKA Tecton X, but Nate, our wide-footed reviewer, felt that the shoes were a bit too snug.

“If only this shoe were a touch wider and roomier, I’d be ready to propose on the spot,” he says.

The Tecton X is currently unavailable in wide sizing, so make sure to try them on at your local Fleet Feet to ensure a proper fit.

Final Thoughts

The women's HOKA Tecton X.

The Tecton X is one of HOKA’s most innovative creations yet, with two parallel carbon fiber plates tucked inside a rugged, durable trail shoe. The Tecton X is capable of eating up some serious trail miles while remaining lightweight, agile and responsive.

“The Tecton X has an excellent fit and feel on the trail. It’s got a springy ride and a dialed-in fit that works just right for my foot. I’m a fan of the HOKA Speedgoat and these are like their snappier cousin,” says Kate.

“HOKA has really nailed this balance of a cushioned and protective shoe that’s also really, really responsive,” Nate says.

If you’re looking for a speedy, snappy trail shoe that’s capable of tackling any terrain, look no further than the HOKA Tecton X.

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