Shoe Review: HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3

The side of the HOKA Rincon 3 running shoe

Don’t choose between all or nothing. The HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 offers both: All the high-performance tech and next-to-zero weight.

Available August 23.

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The Rincon 3 is lighter than both the HOKA Mach 4 and Clifton 8, making it the lightest shoe in HOKA’s lineup. New upper materials make the Rincon 3 extraordinarily breathable and flexible as you push to top speeds. The redesigned, compression-molded EVA midsole foam is lighter than ever, and features uniquely designed rubber coverage on the outsole for enhanced durability.

Tech Specs



6.2 oz (W) 7.4 oz (M)


5 mm




Daily training, Road racing


Road, Track

We put the Rincon 3 through miles of daily training and speed work. Our reviewers were immediately impressed with the ultra-light, yet cushioned feel underfoot.

Here’s everything you need to know about the updated HOKA Rincon 3.

Extra-Light Midsole Provides Signature Cushion

The heel of the HOKA Rincon 3 running shoe

The Rincon 3 sports a compression-molded EVA (CMEVA) midsole foam, HOKA’s lightest, that strikes the perfect balance between support and cushion.

In classic HOKA style, the Rincon 3 boasts a tall stack of ultralight EVA foam that absorbs impact and delivers unbeatable cushioning to every step.

One of our reviewers ran in the original Rincon a few years ago, and was impressed with the most recent update.

“They’re light, soft and bouncy. Although they are soft, they’re definitely firmer and more responsive than the original Rincon,” says one reviewer.

Unlike its cousin model, the Mach 4, the Rincon 3 CMEVA foam is single-density, and does not include the extra-energetic ProFly component the Mach 4 does.

However, because the midsole of the Rincon 3 is designed from a single slab of foam, runners still experience a responsive pop.

A pair of HOKA Rincon 3 running shoes

In addition to the unique CMEVA foam, the Rincon 3 also features an early stage Meta-Rocker shape that promotes smooth, fast transitions even on daily training runs, making each step feel effortless and light.

“The second I stepped into these shoes I knew they would be fast,” says one reviewer. “My foot immediately popped right back up with every landing which gave a nice rolling feeling as I ran.”

The outsole of the HOKA Rincon 3 running shoes

Though the Rincon 3 feels light and fast, it is durable enough to take on daily mileage thanks to aggressive cutouts and rubber enhancements on the outsole.

Designers balanced durability and weight when designing the Rincon 3, and it shows on the outsole.

“I was a little hesitant to run in these shoes on wet roads because they’re so lightweight,” says one reviewer. “But I ran in these after a rain storm and was really happy with the grip. They didn’t feel overly clingy but I didn’t think I was going to slip either.”

Deep cutouts in the bottom of the CMEVA foam give the Rincon 3 some extra grip against slick roads and track, helping to propel you to fast speeds. This works in combination with texturized rubber on the outsole to enhance the durability of the shoe without adding on weight.

Vented Mesh Upper More Breathable Than Before

A pair of HOKA Rincon 3 running shoes

HOKA designers revamped the mesh upper of the Rincon 3 to increase breathability and shave a little bit of weight off the overall weight of the shoe.

The Rincon 3 upper sports a unique venting system that runs across the toe box to promote airflow where you need it most as you work up a sweat.

“I immediately noticed how light and flexible the upper is,” says one reviewer. “It’s supportive and snug, but lets my foot move naturally as I run.”

The thin, vented upper feeds into a super-thin, asymmetrical tongue that supports the lacing system while mimicking the anatomical shape of your ankle.

“I was a little worried that the tongue would dig into my leg but I didn’t feel anything while running,” says one reviewer.

A pair of HOKA Rincon 3 running shoes

The heel counter on the Rincon 3 offers gentle stability to fast-paced landings, without building out the extended heel shape that can be found on other HOKA shoes like the Mach 4 or Clifton Edge.

“The heel has a little divot in the back that we see a lot in speed and performance shoes,” notes one reviewer. “HOKA’s are usually a bit roomy on me but I found that the heel is cushioned and supports my foot well.”

The Rincon 3 also features an updated heel pull tab that is much more streamlined than the previous Rincon 2.

The padding around the inside of the heel collar is draped with smooth fabric that helps to eliminate chafing as you run.

HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 vs Rincon 2

Tech Comparison

HOKA Rincon 3

HOKA Rincon 2


6.2 oz (W) 7.4 oz (M)

7.2 oz (W) 7.7 oz (M)


5 mm

5 mm




Midsole Foam




Engineered, vented mesh

Engineered mesh

The Rincon 3 is about 0.3 oz lighter than the Rincon 2 thanks to the redesigned upper.

The engineered mesh now features vents along the forefoot that increase breathability without compromising the overall durability of the shoe.

The upper also features a super-thin, asymmetrical tongue and a thinner pull tab for increased comfort.

Designers focused on giving the Rincon 3 a speedier feel underfoot by updating the heel counter to be more streamlined during uptempo efforts. A beveled heel adds to the early stage Meta-Rocker shape in the forefoot to create a rolling feeling as you run.

The Rincon 3 transitions well between long runs and speed work thanks to the compression molded EVA foam in the midsole. While not as snappy as ProFly foam, the CMEVA in the Rincon 3 delivers enough response to power both recovery runs and speed sessions.

Final Thoughts

The HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 delivers ultralight speed and long-lasting comfort mile after mile.

Whether you wear them for daily training or for speed work, the Rincon 3 offers something for everyone. Compression molded EVA foam absorbs shock and creates a plush bed of cushion for each landing, while offering enough energy return for powerful take-offs.

The engineered mesh upper now features additional ventilation at the forefoot, creating greater airflow and cutting ounces off the overall weight of the shoe.

The extra-light midsole cushioning and breathable upper makes the Rincon 3 one of HOKA’s lightest shoes yet, and an excellent choice for tough workouts.

“They definitely feel like a shoe you’d want to wear for your speed days,” says one reviewer.

Find next-level lightness and speed in the HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3

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