Shoe Review: HOKA Bondi 8

The women's HOKA Bondi 8.

There’s no such thing as too much cushion, especially when it comes to the HOKA Bondi 8.

The HOKA Bondi is synonymous with maximum cushioning and plush support. Runners seeking ultimate comfort flock to this model, and it’s even featured on our list of the Best Cushioned Running Shoes of 2022.

HOKA updated the Bondi 8 with a softer midsole foam, an extended heel and more sustainable materials.

Fleet Feet Reviewers tested the HOKA Bondi 8 during long runs and recovery miles. Here’s what you can expect from the latest iteration of HOKA’s most cushioned road running shoe.

Tech Specs

HOKA Bondi 8

HOKA Bondi 7


8.9 oz (W), 10.8 oz (M)

8.9 oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)


4 mm

4 mm

Stack height

40mm/35 mm (W),
41 mm/36 mm (M)

31/27 mm (W), 33/29 mm (M)







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HOKA Bondi 8 Offers Cushion Without Compromise

The HOKA Bondi 8 outsole, offering cushion and support.

There’s no shame in HOKA’s cushioning game, and the Bondi 8 takes things to a whole new level.

A redesigned foam makes up the midsole, offering more durability than previous versions. HOKA's signature meta-rocker helps you transition quickly and efficiently from heel to toe. Reviewers loved the soft, smooth ride.

“I’m really impressed with the updates made to the HOKA Bondi. There is so much cushion between my feet and the road that it felt like I was running on air instead of concrete,” Caroline says.

And even though the HOKA Bondi 8 sports a thick, chunky midsole, it feels surprisingly lightweight.

“This shoe runs lighter than you’d think while providing incredible underfoot protection from the ground,” Nate says.

HOKA designers used an extended heel with billowed grooves in the HOKA Bondi 8, creating smoother transitions and a more responsive ride. Reviewers noticed the difference.

“I never felt comfortable running in previous versions of the Bondi because they were too pillowy soft. While the Bondi 8 is extremely cushioned, it also feels smooth and fluid on the run,” Caroline says.

The HOKA Bondi 8 features a durable outsole with strategically placed rubber to minimize weight. These zones of rubber are placed in areas that tend to see the most wear and tear, like the outer heel and forefoot.

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HOKA Bondi 8 Offers All-around Comfort

The upper of the women's HOKA Bondi 8.

The luxurious plushness of the HOKA Bondi 8 doesn’t stop at the midsole. The latest version of the HOKA Bondi features soft, smooth materials that wrap comfortably around your foot for a premium feeling.

Not only is the upper comfortable, but it’s environmentally friendly, too. The engineered mesh upper is made with vegan and recycled materials, and the internal lining is made with recycled material as well. A handy heel pull tab lets you easily slide into the shoes, while a padded heel collar and a partially gusseted tongue keep you secure.

“I love the silky smooth mesh upper, and the extra padding that wraps around my ankle and heel,” Caroline says.

Reviewers also appreciated how breathable the mesh upper felt.

“The ventilation in the upper is great, and the soft tongue and heel collar send out some strong comfort vibes,” Nate says.

While the HOKA Bondi 8 fits true to size, our wide-footed reviewers felt their toes slightly scrunched. If you have wide feet, it’s best to try the shoes on in store at your local Fleet Feet and get fit by an experienced outfitter.

HOKA Bondi 8 vs HOKA Bondi 7

A pair of the women's HOKA Bondi 8.

The latest version of the HOKA Bondi is still the same max-cushion monster that runners have come to expect from HOKA shoes. Designers managed to keep all the features that make this shoe so popular, while making some tweaks to improve the fit and performance.

The HOKA Bondi 8 features a new midsole material that’s softer and more responsive than before. More rubber outsole coverage increases the durability of the shoe, so you can enjoy all that glorious cushioning for even longer.

The Bondi 8 also uses more sustainable materials in the upper, creating an eco-friendly running experience.

Overall, reviewers appreciated the updates.

“What was once a squishy and slightly awkward running shoe for me has transformed into a highly cushioned, highly dependable trainer that I’ll grab for both long runs and recovery runs,” Caroline says.

What is the HOKA Bondi 8 Best For?

Thanks to a generous bed of cushioning that's both soft and supportive, the HOKA Bondi 8 is a perfect choice for long runs, long walks or even long shifts on your feet.

“These shoes certainly provide a gentle ride and pillowy softness underfoot. They were a pleasant choice for the easy recovery runs I took them on,” Alex says.

While they may not be the best choice for running at top speed, they’re the shoes you’ll want to reach for when your legs need a little extra TLC.

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