Shoe Review: Diadora Volo

Profile view of the men's Diadora Volo

Find mind-blowing comfort and eye-catching design in the Diadora Volo.

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The Volo is a lightweight, cushioned running shoe perfect for daily training, long walks or stepping out on the town. Diadora’s signature Blushield technology adds a responsive snap and offers stability to each landing and toe-off, no matter how fast you’re running.

Tech Specs

Diadora Volo


8.6 oz (W) 10.5 oz (M)


10 mm




Daily training, Road racing, Looking cooler than your friends


Road, Track

Our reviewers put miles on the Diadora Volo, and loved the plush underfoot feel and ultralight upper.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Diadora Volo.

Mamma Mia These Are Comfy!

The Volo is Diadora’s lightest running shoe and offers enough responsive pop to energize daily training and road racing.

Close-up of the EVA midsole

The morpho base, which is carved out on the upper layer of the midsole to mimic the shape of the foot, provides support in all the right places and allows for inherent stability in a neutral shoe.

“These shoes really have a strong snowman shape throughout the midsole and outsole,” as one reviewer puts it. “It really helps to provide stability to both landings and take-offs.”

The tall stack of morpho midsole foam is instantly plush, helping to absorb impact upon landing and power toe-offs to deliver easy, rolling transitions.

The Volo strikes the perfect balance between plushness and responsiveness thanks to the morpho midsole foam and Diadora’s signature Blushield technology.

The Blushield foam throughout the length of the foot is stiffer and offers greater responsiveness without adding weight. It also helps support a neutral gait and prevents uneven wearing for those who may overpronate as they run.

“They definitely felt more responsive than other Diadoras I’ve run in. I really love soft, cushioned shoes, and didn’t feel like I was digging out of the cushioning,” says one reviewer.

Outsole view

The combination of lightweight foam and Blushield technology makes the Volo a powerful training and racing shoe.

One of our reviewers has raced 8K and 10K distances in them, and loved the experience underfoot.

“I love the way it transitions between absorbent landings and powerful toe offs. The foam responds well to pressure and speed, it takes on a softer feel when walking or jogging, but gets a bit more poppy at tempo,” she says.

The Volo handles daily mileage with ease thanks to a special, wear-resistance Duratech 5000 rubber outsole. The outsole treading provides enough grip to take on slick roads and tracks, without adding to the overall weight of the shoe.

Designers dialed in the performance of the Volo by using softer blown rubber at the toe, for a more propulsive feel, and thicker rubber at the heel to better absorb shock.

Ultralight Upper Increases Breathability

The side of a Diadora running shoe

The Diadora Volo invokes both 90’s colorways and Italian swagger to create a shoe that performs well and looks even better.

Our reviewers boasted their Volos in jeans out with friends, and on the run.

“This shoe doesn’t look like a typical running shoe, and could work with jeans or leggings for a casual outfit,” notes one reviewer.

On top of it’s retro-inspired colorways, the mesh upper of the Diadora Volo is supremely lightweight and breathable, keeping you cool on the streets and on the run.

A pair of Diadora running shoes

Diadora constructed the upper out of engineered nylon mesh, designed to increase airflow to the foot while still providing structure.

“The upper has a really comfy feel. The material on the heel collar and tongue are extra soft, which gives the shoe a luxurious step-in feel,” says one reviewer.

In addition to the padded heel collar, the lacing system includes an extra eyelet so you can customize the fit and feel of the Volo.

“On my first run I was feeling some movement in the heel and I had to stop and adjust the fit. The extra eyelet allowed me to cinch them down. I haven’t had a problem with heel movement since I got the lacing dialed in,” says one reviewer.

To create an even more secure feel and increase comfort, the Diadora Volo uses a unique OrthoLite insole in the footbed.

Built out of lightweight, open-cell foam, OrthoLite helps promote airflow under your foot while contouring to your foot shape. Plus, a patented treatment helps fight odor and bacterial growth, so you can look and feel fresh on the run.

Final Thoughts

Between long walks, daily mileage and road races, our reviewers found that the Diadora Volo just keeps on giving.

Lightweight EVA foam offers plush comfort and responsive kick when you need it, while a widened base geometry in the midsole adds inherent stability. Blushield technology runs the length of the footbed and provides added stiffness and stability as you run, helping to promote propulsive toe-offs.

Side view of Diadora Volo

A durable outsole rubber adds grip and traction while helping to absorb shock, making the Volo a lightweight, yet powerful daily trainer.

“The Volo is an ideal shoe for daily training,” says one reviewer. “It’s in that perfect middle range in terms of weight, cushion and support that can make it a strong choice for an endurance day, long run, or recovery day”

We loved the expressive colorways and lightweight mesh upper. The Volo moves easily from nights out to days on the run, making it an excellent style choice anywhere you go.

Add Diadora’s global best-seller (and best looking) shoe to your repertoire.

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