Shoe Review: Diadora Atomo v7000

The women's Diadora Atomo v7000.

Diadora is known for blending elegant, Italian-style craftsmanship with performance running and the new Atomo v7000 is no different.

The Diadora Atomo v7000 combines soft cushioning with a touch of responsiveness, all while offering an eye-catching aesthetic. The Atomo v7000 uses the same DD Anima Foam used in the Diadora Equipe Atomo, an EVA-blended compound that provides shock absorption, durability and a bit of pep.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Atomo v7000 to the test during easy-paced miles, walks and even some interval workouts. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tech Specs

Diadora Atomo v7000


7.2 oz (W), 9.1 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

5 millimeters





Comparable to…

HOKA Clifton 8, New Balance More v4

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DD Anima Foam Blends Softness with Energy

The men's Diadora Atomo is v7000.

The Diadora Atomo v7000 brings soft cushioning to your daily runs with Diadora’s proprietary midsole foam, DD Anima. This midsole compound manages to combine softness, lightness and energy return all in one piece.

“The thick stack of DD Anima foam underfoot feels well balanced,” Nate says. “There’s definitely a good smoosh factor, but it has some energy to it as well. I took these out for some three-minute intervals and they turned over well and felt responsive.”

The outsole is topped off with Duratech 5000, a wear-resistant rubber compound used in most Diadora shoes. The rubber is placed on the lateral and medial edges of the heel and zig-zagged across the forefoot, the areas that tend to wear down quickest due to common gait patterns.

“I took the Diadora Atomo v7000 out to a new forest preserve I’ve been meaning to check out,” Max says. “I expected the route to be mostly paved trail, but I got a bit adventurous and veered off into some technical terrain, truly putting the traction to the test. While these are obviously road shoes, I think the traction and outsole is grippier than most road shoes I’ve tried.”

Eye-catching Upper Adds Unique Style

The women's Diadora Atomo v7000.

Diadora running shoes are some of the most unique-looking on the market, and the Atomo v7000 doesn’t disappoint. Bright colorways, added overlays and suede accents add to the excitement of the Atomo v7000.

The shoe is topped off with a plush, nylon air-mesh upper, adding breathability. Suede-like materials cover the toe cap, the lacing enclosure and the heel. A thick, padded tongue holds your feet securely in place while a cushy heel counter locks you in. Reviewers had mixed feelings about the look and feel of the upper.

“These look so '90s and I love it,” Kate says. “The bright pink and green colors remind me of the watermelon flavor of Bubblicious bubblegum, or a really cool Trapper Keeper.”

“These are probably the most stylin' running shoes I’ve seen,” Nate says. “They give off classic streetwear vibes in all the best ways possible. Everything from the Italian flag colors on the heel to the suede accents. Who else but Diadora would give you that much style in a daily trainer?”

But Max thought the shoe didn’t look or feel as modern as he was expecting. “The padded tongue adds some overall volume to the shoe in terms of material, and the use of suede on the heel feels and looks clunky,” he says.

Caroline agreed. “I really wish they skipped the suede material overlays. I don’t think it adds anything to the running experience, it just adds weight and makes it look like a lifestyle shoe rather than a running shoe,” she says.

It’s also worth noting that reviewers experienced some sizing discrepancies in the Atomo v7000. While Nate and Max felt the shoe fit perfectly, Kate and Caroline noticed the shoe was much too small on them, leading us to believe that the women’s model runs small and the men’s runs true to size.

“I would definitely try these shoes on in store at your local Fleet Feet if you can, or order at least a half size up from what you usually wear,” Caroline says.

Sizing discrepancies can depend on the shape and volume of your unique feet, which is why we recommend getting fit at your local Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet outfitters use 3D fit id® foot scanning technology to gather information about your feet and the support they need by taking precise measurements of your foot length, width and arch height.

How Does the Diadora Atomo v7000 Stack Up?

We took a look at some comparable shoes and how they stack up against the Diadora Atomo v7000. Here’s what we found:

Tech Specs

Diadora Atomo v7000

New Balance More v4

Hoka Clifton 8


7.2 oz (W), 9.1 oz (M)

9.0 oz (W), 10.9 oz (M)

7.6 oz (W), 8.8 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

5 mm

4 mm

5 mm

Stack height

41 mm/36 mm

34 mm/30 mm

29 mm/24 mm





While the Diadora Atomo v7000 provides a unique feel in terms of cushioning and responsiveness, reviewers thought it felt similar to the New Balance More v4 and the Hoka Clifton 8 – both neutral, high-cushioned shoes that offer a bit of pep in your step.

“While the Atomo v7000’s midsole foam doesn’t necessarily feel overly cushioned, it does feel quite soft underfoot while still providing some responsiveness,” Max says. “I think the Diadora Atomo v7000 is akin to the HOKA Clifton in terms of how soft and responsive it is. Don’t expect overly-impressive energy return, but do expect a nice balance between softness and firmness.”

The Atomo v7000 is made in Italy, offering expert craftsmanship and stylish details. This is why it’s offered at a higher price point than other comparable shoes.

A pair of the women's Diadora Atomo v7000.

Who is the Diadora Atomo v7000 Best For?

The Diadora Atomo v7000 is a great choice for runners seeking a cushioned shoe with a lively feel and a bold aesthetic.

“The Diadora Atomo v7000 has a really nice compressive feeling underfoot that bounces right back with each step,” Kate says.

The Atomo v7000 offers a comfortable fit for runners with rectangular-shaped feet–feet that don’t taper inwards from the toe to the heel. It can also double as a lifestyle shoe for runners who want to be seen, with its sharp colorways and detailed accents.

“Thanks to a thick bed of responsive cushioning, the Atomo will take you anywhere you need to go,” Nate says. “I love the way the shoes look, so I’m going to try to keep them clean as much as possible. I’ll continue to grab these for some mellow recovery runs and coffee shop runs where I want to show off my discerning taste.”

Because of the sizing issues mentioned previously, be sure to double check the sizing of your pair to ensure a proper fit.

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