Shoe Review: Brooks Levitate 5

Side profile of the women's Brooks Levitate 5.

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Add some pep to your step on your next run with the Brooks Levitate 5.

The newest version of the Brooks Levitate features the same springy cushion runners have come to love. But for the first time, the Levitate is available with a choice of two different uppers for a more adaptable fit: a roomier, more traditional mesh upper or a sleeker fitting knit upper, called StealthFit, that provides additional stretch and compression.

Both versions feature DNA Amp cushioning technology that creates a responsive ride with high energy return that will keep you moving for miles.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested both models over speed workouts, recovery miles and long runs. Here’s everything you need to know about the Brooks Levitate 5 and Brooks Levitate 5 StealthFit.

Tech Specs

Brooks Levitate 5


9.6 oz (W), 10.4 oz (M)


8 mm




Everyday training


Road, Track

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A close up shot of the sole of the Brooks Levitate 5.

DNA Amp Delivers High Energy Return

The Brooks Levitate 5 is powered by the same DNA Amp midsole as the previous version, creating an energized ride with each step.

DNA Amp is one of Brooks’ signature midsole materials, designed to provide high energy return as well as cushioning. It’s made from polyurethane (PU) foam encased in a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), creating a springy, responsive feeling as you run.

Reviewers noticed the soft landings and energetic takeoffs in this shoe. “They had a bouncy feel to them that I noticed right away,” one reviewer says.

These shoes are perfect for runners who want a smooth, responsive ride without sacrificing cushion. Plus, an arrow-point pattern on the outsole lets your feet transition quickly from heel to toe, leading to more propulsive toe-offs when you need to pick up the pace.

The Brooks Levitate 5 also features a sturdy rubber outsole with grip and support on slippery, wet roads.

The Brooks Levitate StealthFit 5

Updated Upper Improves Fit

The newest version of the Brooks Levitate allows runners to choose between two different uppers, making it more accommodating for different foot shapes than previous models.

Runners can choose between the Levitate 5 or the Levitate StealthFit 5. Both offer the same DNA Amp midsole and rubber outsole, but the uppers fit very differently.

The Levitate 5 features a flexible yet structured upper, with a detached tongue and extra eyelets that let you lace your shoes for a more personalized fit. Fleet Feet reviewers noted how the extra eyelets made it easier to adjust the fit of the shoe. The new engineered circular knit material provides extra breathability and an adaptable fit.

The Levitate StealthFit 5 features a one-piece knit upper, similar to the Levitate 4 but lighter and more breathable. The refined Fit Knit upper offers a seamless structure with an integrated tongue.

The Levitate StealthFit 5 is lighter than the Levitate 5, with the women’s shoes weighing in at 8.6 oz and the men’s at 9.8 oz.

“The StealthFit is designed for runners who prefer a sleek fit with stretch and compression. The upper is soft and stretchy, as promised,” says one reviewer. “It’s definitely a more snug fit in the toe box.”

Some reviewers noticed that the tapered toe box on the StealthFit model was a bit too snug, so if you have a wide foot you may prefer the original Levitate 5.

“Overall this is a well-constructed shoe, but I’d highly recommend trying the shoe on first before purchasing to ensure the fit and shape accommodates your foot,” one reviewer says.

Brooks Levitate 5 vs Levitate 4

A side by side comparison shot of the Brooks Levitate 4 and the Brooks Levitate 5.

The Brooks Levitate 5 offers the same springy ride as the previous version, with an updated upper to improve comfortability.

The newest version of the Levitate features an engineered circular knit upper, which is more breathable and more supportive than the previous model. Plus, you now have the option to choose between a more structured upper with the engineered mesh upper, or a sleeker fit with the StealthFit.

The Levitate 5 is slightly heavier than the Levitate 4, but not enough for any of our reviewers to notice a difference. The Levitate StealthFit 5 is lighter than both the Levitate 5 and the Levitate 4.

“It’s light, flexible and easy to slip on and off—three features that make it a perfect fit in my opinion,” says one reviewer.

Tech comparison

Brooks Levitate 5

Brooks Levitate 4


9.6 oz (W), 10.4 oz (M)

StealthFit: 8.6 oz (W), 9.8 oz (M)

9.2 oz (W), 10.3 oz (M)


8 mm

8 mm







Final Thoughts

The Brooks Levitate 5 offers the same springy cushion runners have come to know and love. DNA Amp midsole technology creates a bouncy ride with high energy return.

Two different upper styles allow runners to choose between a more traditional and structured upper or a flexible upper with compression and stretch.

Overall, the newest version of the Brooks Levitate is a solid everyday trainer for runners seeking a smooth, responsive shoe.

“I like its firm, responsive feel for my regular training and recovery days, as well as my long runs. It’s also a really comfortable walking shoe,” one reviewer says.

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