Shoe Review: Brooks Hyperion Tempo

The women's Brooks Hyperion Tempo.

Break away from the pack in the Brooks Hyperion Tempo. Engineered for speed and refined for comfort, the Brooks Hyperion Tempo delivers a lightweight, snappy ride with unrivaled energy return.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo features a nitrogen-infused midsole, a breathable, stretch-woven upper and a hefty dose of Brooks’ DNA Flash cushioning all in a lightweight package. It’s even on our list of the Best Brooks Running Shoes in 2022.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Hyperion Tempo to the test during tempo runs, speed workouts and easy efforts. Here’s what you can expect.

Tech Specs

Brooks Hyperion Tempo


6.7 oz (W), 7.3 oz (M)


8 mm




Road, track

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Nitrogen-Infused Midsole Adds Energy to Brooks Hyperion Tempo

A pair of women's Brooks Hyperion Tempo running shoes.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo features innovative technology that injects nitrogen into the midsole.

The process starts with a midsole 3D blocker, which is about one-third of the size of a normal midsole. This midsole blocker is placed into a nitrogen infusion chamber along with liquid nitrogen, where heat and pressure turn the nitrogen from liquid to gas. The midsole, now filled with nitrogen gas, expands and is then stuffed into a compression mold where it takes its final shape.

The nitrogen-infused foam is lighter than traditional EVA foams and easier to fine-tune. In the Brooks Hyperion Tempo, shoe designers used small, dense cells to create adaptive cushioning that reacts to your unique stride. You’ll notice a difference between the Hyperion Tempo and the Brooks Glycerin 20, which also uses nitrogen but features larger cells to create a softer feel.

“I really love this shoe. The firmness of the DNA Flash foam offers plenty of responsiveness without feeling squishy, especially as I pick up the pace. When I’m running slower and landing closer to my heel, there’s enough cushioning to absorb impact,” Nate says.

While some reviewers appreciated the lightweight, responsive ride, others thought it felt flat.

“The DNA Flash foam felt firm under my foot and I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm,” Mandy says.

If you enjoy a firm underfoot feeling with plenty of ground contact, you’ll likely enjoy the Brooks Hyperion Tempo. If you prefer a higher stack height with more cushioning, you may prefer the Brooks Hyperion Elite.

Despite differing opinions on the midsole, reviewers were impressed by how light the shoe felt.

“This shoe fits well, runs smoothly and feels incredibly lightweight,” Caroline says.

A durable rubber outsole provides grip and traction without adding unnecessary weight to the Brooks Hyperion Tempo.

Lightweight Upper Locks Down Fit

The tongue of the men's Brooks Hyperion Tempo running shoe.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is topped off with a stretch-woven mesh upper that’s light, breathable and accommodating for different foot shapes.

“The upper is breathable and thin but still supportive. It gently hugs the top of my foot without pressure, and it fits my wide feet perfectly. I love the stripped down yet soft tongue and the way the heel collar hugs my foot,” Nate says.

Our narrow-footed reviewers also enjoyed the fit.

“I love this smooth, light upper. It feels very breathable, which is essential for summer training. The tongue has just a touch of padding but is mostly there to hold my foot in place, and I love how lightweight the laces feel. Every aspect of this upper feels like it’s designed to be as lightweight as possible so you can run fast,” Caroline says.

Reviewers also appreciated the bright, fun colorways. But if you prefer to keep a low profile, you can always stick with the tried and true black and white.

What’s an upper? Learn about the parts that make up a running shoe here.

What is the Brooks Hyperion Tempo Best For?

A pair of men's Brooks Hyperion Tempo running shoes.

The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is an excellent choice for picking up the pace during speed workouts, tempo runs, interval sessions and everything in between. While some reviewers prefer a thicker stack of cushion, others enjoyed the low profile of the shoe. This shoe is ideal for runners who enjoy feeling the ground beneath their feet.

“In the era of carbon and nylon plates and crazy high stack heights, this shoe might fly under your radar…but don’t let it! It’s a stable, responsive, and lightweight performer that’s the perfect counterbalance to the high stack mania,” Nate says.

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