Shoe Review: Brooks Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 19 GTS

A pair of Brooks Glycerin 19 running shoes

The Brooks Glycerin 19 delivers a buttery ride and luxurious feel for the longest runs.

Brooks engineered the Glycerin for the softest ride by using a bed of its DNA Loft cushioning. The super-soft foam feels like a spa day for your feet, making it a great choice for long runs or recovery days.

Longtime fans of the Glycerin won’t notice many differences between the new model and the outgoing one, and the max-cushioned experience remains the same. One new feature of the Glycerin this year, though, is the addition of a support version, too—the Glycerin 19 GTS.

The Glycerin 19 GTS delivers the same soft experience as the stock model, but it adopts Brooks’ GuideRail technology for gentle, unobtrusive guidance.

Fleet Feet runners put some miles in on the Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 19 GTS to see how the new shoes feel on the road. Here’s what they thought.

Tech specs

Brooks Glycerin 19

Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS


9.0 oz (W), 10.2 (M)

9.5 oz (W), 10.7 oz (M)


10 mm

10 mm








Everyday training, long runs

Everyday training, long runs




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Premium Materials Create Plush Fit

The mesh upper of the Glycerin 19

Top to bottom, back to front, the newest Glycerin and Glycerin GTS wrap your foot in premium materials for maximum comfort.

Brooks draped the shoe in its 3D print mesh upper. The mesh provides different zones of stretch and structure, which gives the Glycerin a more dynamic fit. The mesh over the toe box has a bit of stretch to it, while the midfoot and heel are more static.

But what makes it good isn’t just the zones for different parts of the shoe. The mesh also feels soft and smooth, which makes it more comfortable around your foot.

“This upper of the new Glycerin melts away on your foot,” one tester says. “The upper material is soft and seamless, and it gives you amazing breathability.”

Like most other Brooks running shoes, the Glycerin maintains a very accommodating fit that should work for most foot shapes. The midfoot feels snug, while the heel secures the fit; the forefoot is wide enough to let your foot splay, and the mesh has enough stretch to avoid feeling squished.

Reviewers say the new Glycerin duo gives you the comfort you need for long runs.

“Because the upper is so soft, it feels really comfortable for me,” one reviewer says. “I don’t have any problems with it crunching my foot or squeezing it in a weird way.”

A Softer Experience Than Ever Before

The rubber outsole of the Brooks Glycerin 19 running shoes

The Glycerin is known for its cushion, and the Glycerin 19 and Glycerin 19 GTS are softer than ever before.

Brooks packed the shoe with a bed of DNA Loft foam. DNA Loft is the softest foam Brooks makes, which makes it one of the best-cushioned running shoes on the market today.

Even though Brooks previously loaded the shoe with the same foam, this year’s Glycerin uses more of it than before: The DNA Loft now extends from the heel to the toe for a softer overall ride and buttery transition.

Even with the extra DNA Loft, neither the Glycerin nor the Glycerin GTS feels like a burden. The Glycerin 19 weighs 9 oz for the women’s model and 10.2 oz for the men’s; the Glycerin 19 GTS weighs a little more, but it only gains half an ounce for each model.

The latest models make good use of that cushion to create an even, laid-back ride.

“The cushion feels perfectly balanced,” one reviewer says. “It’s so soft, yet you don't feel like you are wearing a clunky, heavy, high-cushion shoe.”

Brooks added traction and durability with a layer of blown rubber for the outsole. The rubber incorporates a series of flex grooves in the forefoot to give you a natural roll through toe-off.

One reviewer also says the Glycerin’s cushion works well for recovery runs the day after a speed workout or the longest runs in your training.

“The cushion of the Glycerin absorbs impact beautifully,” she says. “It strikes the perfect balance between feeling soft, responsive and flexible.”

The bottom line: The Glycerin isn’t the fastest shoe in your closet, but it delivers well-rounded performance for most of your miles.

Glycerin, Now With Extra Support

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While the differences between then Glycerin 18 and Glycerin 19 aren’t huge, there is one big change to the Glycerin this year: the introduction of the Glycerin 19 GTS.

Brooks set out in 2021 to simplify its lineup by grouping shoes into experiences and then splitting those between neutral and support. The Glycerin is the first example of that.

In years past, Brooks sold the Glycerin and the Transcend. Both shoes offered buttery cushioning that worked for long runs and recovery days; the Glycerin was the neutral version and the Transcend was the stability model.

This year, Brooks grouped the two together under the same name. The Brooks Glycerin 19 GTS dons Brooks’ GuideRail technology to add subtle guidance.

GuideRails work differently than traditional stability technology. While many stability running shoes employ firmer foams or pieces of plastic on the medial side of the shoe to mitigate the effects of excessive pronation, GuideRails works to keep your body in its most efficient motion path.

Rather than correcting how your body moves, GuideRails help your hips, knees and joints find their ideal path. Brooks says encouraging your natural motion path makes it easier to maintain your most efficient stride.

What’s really great about the GuideRails, though, is that you don’t really notice them until you need them. They keep you in line without causing any hiccups in the ride.

“The Glycerin 19 GTS feels as soft and smooth as the regular Glycerin, but there’s definitely support on the edges of the shoe,” one reviewer says. “It creates a really nice bucket-seat-like feeling that I notice if I land too far on the inside or outside edge of my foot.”


A pair of Brooks Glycerin 19 running shoes leaning against a wall
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The Brooks Glycerin 19 is a premium running shoe with a luxurious underfoot feel.

Brooks wrapped the shoe in a silky mesh upper that disappears on your foot, and locked it down with a snug midfoot and secure internal heel counter. Additional DNA Loft foam this year creates a softer feel, and a durable rubber outsole extends the life of your shoes.

It’s the ideal combination for one reviewer.

“The fit of the Glycerin is just right for me,” she says. “It’s my top choice when I’m feeling tired and worn down.”

The big change this year is the addition of the Glycerin 19 GTS, which replaces the Transcend in Brooks’ lineup. The GTS delivers the same soft experience as the standard Glycerin, but it includes GuideRails technology for natural support.

Mile after mile, the Brooks Glycerin 19 gives you premium cushion and reliable performance.

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