Shoe Review: Brooks Ghost 14

The Brooks Ghost 14 rests on the ground

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The Brooks Ghost is one of the best-selling running shoes year after year because it delivers a straightforward neutral ride and generous fit. This year, Brooks updated the Brooks Ghost to feature their DNA Loft foam throughout the midsole so you can float through your next run.

The DNA Loft foam teams up with a Segmented Crash Pad and improved 3D Fit technology in the upper to create the most flexible, smoothest fit yet in the Brooks Ghost 14.

Tech Specs

Brooks Ghost 14


9.0 oz (W) 9.9 oz (M)


12 mm


Cushioned, Neutral


Everyday training



Our reviewers loved the springy cushion and instantly comfortable fit of the Brooks Ghost 14, and we know you will too.

Here’s everything you need to know about the updated Brooks Ghost 14.

DNA Loft Midsole Foam Delivers Buttery Smooth Cushioning

The biggest update to the Brooks Ghost 14 is the use of DNA Loft foam throughout the full length of the midsole.

Previous versions of the Brooks Ghost used this bouncy foam along the outer edge of the heel to provide better shock absorption on landings, which helped to make the Ghost a fan favorite.

The Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

Now, DNA Loft foam spans the entire midsole and delivers smooth transitions and plush cushioning with each step.

Our reviewers loved this new take on a classic Brooks shoe.

“The Ghost offers a reliable, consistent ride. It’s soft, energetic, stable and responsive,” says one reviewer.

In addition to providing protective cushioning, DNA Loft has plenty of responsive kick for a bouncy, springy run. This is really the crux of the DNA Loft experience. This foam provides an ultimately balanced ride that feels super smooth and effortless over any surface.

Reviewers felt the balanced support as soon as they put the Ghost 14 on.

“The foam is so plush, and I immediately noticed the arch support as soon as I put them on. It’s a very cushioned feel but I’m not digging out of it as I’m running. My foot feels engaged and the ride feels bouncy,” says one reviewer.

The Ghost 14 continues to hit its stride by offering the perfect blend of flexibility and stability in the outsole.

A blown rubber outsole offers plenty of traction on slick roads. The outsole also lands flat against the pavement, adding stability to each landing and take-off.

This flat geometry works with a Segmented Crash Pad in the forefoot to add the flexibility you need for propulsive toe offs and smooth transitions.

Dialed In Upper Hugs You Just Right

The balanced feel of the Ghost 14 continues up top with a super-smooth engineered mesh upper.

Brooks designers used their unique 3D Fit Print technology to provide a combination of structure and stretch to the mesh so you can feel comfortable and supported from top to bottom.

The Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

The Ghost 14 instantly hugs your foot and delivers a supportive fit.

“I love the fit and shape of the Ghost. The toe box is perfectly roomy while the midfoot and heel offer a secure, dialed-in fit,” says one reviewer. “The extra eyelets add adjustability, and the shoe has an overall cozy feel.”

The 3D Fit Print structure works with the lacing system to let you dial in the midfoot feel easily. New, flat laces make adjusting the feel of your Ghost 14’s smooth and simple.

The Brooks Ghost 14 running shoes

Along with the updated 3D Fit Print technology, the Ghost 14 improves the fit throughout the heel collar for a secure feeling. Our reviewers loved the snug feel of the padded tongue and cushioned heel collar.

“The plush ankle collar conforms to my foot so that I don’t get any hot spots,” says one reviewer.

Another reviewer noted that while the tongue is part of a traditional, non-attached construction, it doesn’t move around at all while running, adding to the overall secure fit of the Ghost.

Brooks Ghost 14 vs. Ghost 13

The Brooks Ghost is a longtime favorite of runners of all abilities, and the updated Brooks Ghost 14 is no exception.

Brooks designers kept the snug, engineered mesh upper and dialed in the fit through the midfoot with a new lacing system.

The most noticeable update to the Brooks Ghost 14 is the use of Brooks airy DNA Loft foam in the midsole. This adds to the overall cushioned experience and delivers a silky smooth ride.

Tech Specs

Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 13


9.0 oz (W) 9.9 oz (M)

8.8 oz (W) 10 oz (M)


12 mm

11.5 mm





DNA Loft

BioMoGo/ DNA Loft


Engineered mesh

Engineered mesh

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a steadfast trainer, the Brooks Ghost 14 is the go-to.

A plush bed of DNA Loft foam provides soft cushioning and smooth transitions. The DNA Loft works with a Segmented Crash Pad to provide flexibility to every toe off.

The Ghost 14 blends together this flexibility with a stabilizing outsole geometry that supports each landing and take off with plush padding.

The secure feel is carried throughout the upper where a padded heel collar and tongue create a secure feel that keeps your foot engaged over the DNA Loft foam, helping the Ghost easily transition from long miles to speed work.

We recommend the Ghost 14 for daily walks, recovery and long runs. “There’s a reason why the Ghost is such a crowd favorite. It’s comfortable, dependable, and a great all-around trainer. I love wearing the Ghost,” says one reviewer.

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