Shoe Review: ASICS Metaspeed Sky

A pair of the ASICS Metaspeed Sky running shoes

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Step into your next level of speed with the ASICS METASPEED Sky carbon-plated racer.

ASICS athlete and professional marathoner Sara Hall sported an early prototype of the METASPEED Sky as she became the second fastest American marathoner, finishing her 26.2 at a blistering 2:20:32 at the Marathon Project in Chandler, Arizona.

But even if you’re not a pro marathoner, or prefer shorter races, the ASICS METASPEED Sky has a lot to offer to runners looking to kick it up a notch on the roads or tracks.

A strong rocker design built from ASICS’ lightest and softest FF Blast Turbo cushioning works with a full-length carbon plate to create a snappy and speedy ride. ASICS designed the upper to be feather light and streamlined. Plus, it’s engineered from 100 percent recycled polyester.

“Every part of the METASPEED feels so purposeful. It's lightweight and streamlined. There's no excess cushioning or structure in the upper. It gives you exactly what you need to run fast,” said one Fleet Feet reviewer.

Our reviewers put the ASICS METASPEED Sky to the test through miles of speed work and tempo runs. Here’s what they thought.

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Tech Specs

ASICS Metaspeed Sky


5.9 oz (W) 7.0 oz (M)


5 mm


Carbon plated, Neutral


Races, Speedwork


Road, Track

METASPEED Sky Promotes Forward Motion, Smooth Transitions

When designing the METASPEED Sky, researchers at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science sought to create a shoe that optimized speed based on common running styles. They examined the way that runners tend to increase their stride length or cadence as they run faster.

ASICS researchers found that runners perform better in shoes that maximize their personal running style. If you’re a runner who extends your stride length as you pick up the pace, you need a shoe that increases vertical rebound from the midsole to help you cover more ground with each step.

The result: The ASICS METASPEED Sky: A shoe engineered to increase stride length and help you run faster.

A runner wearing the ASICS Metaspeed Sky shoe

The METASPEED Sky capitalizes on a robust curved sole design, which incorporates a natural rocker into the shoe. This helps to reduce ankle flexion while running, which lets runners expend that energy elsewhere, i.e. chasing down the competition.

In addition to the physical shape of the shoe, ASICS incorporated a full-length carbon plate into the Metapeed Sky, providing a responsive, snappy ride over a wide range of distances.

Fleet Feet reviewers were quick to pick up on the nuanced design of the ASICS METASPEED.

One reviewer raves, “Everything about this shoe pushes my stride forward and open. I definitely noticed that my cadence can get cramped as I run fast, and I felt like these shoes really promoted a more open, fluid stride.”

The innovation doesn’t stop there. ASICS built the METASPEED Sky atop their lightest, bounciest FF Blast Turbo midsole foam.

A pair of the ASICS Metaspeed Sky running shoes

Don’t let the stack of cushioning fool you, though: This lightweight foam is built for speed. This plush, bouncy foam helps cushion landings and provides the compression you need for effective, stable toe-offs.

“This is the lightest and most responsive foam I've ever experienced from ASICS,” says one Fleet Feet reviewer.

Reviewers loved the buttery smooth transitions the FF Blast Turbo foam facilitates, and that it doesn’t compromise the responsiveness of the carbon fiber plate.

“I really appreciated the bouncy, cushioned feel and how well it just melts into my foot without losing that responsive feeling. The carbon fiber plate is definitely noticeable, but doesn’t dominate the shoe,” observes a reviewer.

Fast Feel from Heel to Toe

ASICS designed the METASPEED Sky to be fast and functional, with every aspect of the racer’s sleek construction serving a purpose.

Fleet Feet reviewers instantly picked up on the mindful design.

One reviewer immediately referred to the shoe as minimalist, saying, “Every part of the upper feels necessary. It's thin and lightweight, which is perfect for a racing shoe like this. The tongue is equally thin and molds nicely over the top of my foot.”

The engineered mesh upper is constructed completely out of 100 percent recycled polyester material, making it super-lightweight and breathable.

A pair of the ASICS Metaspeed Sky running shoes

ASICS homed in on improving the airflow through and over the METASPEED Sky to make sure wearers stay comfortable and well-ventilated while they bring the heat on the track.

Alongside fast tech underfoot, ASICS emphasized a secure, yet flexible feeling up top to give wearers the fit they need to pursue fast times.

Reviewers noted the secure feel throughout the heel and the midfoot.

“This shoe runs rather snug, which makes sense for a race shoe. My standard size fits, but they feel best with thin socks,” says one reviewer. “I like the soft padding around the heel collar and the way the upper is super minimal. It has all the structure it needs for race day and nothing more.”

The heel cup quickly became a highlight for many Fleet Feet reviewers who noted its gently cushioned construction and secure fit.

Unlike many other shoes with a rigid heel counter, the ASICS METASPEED Sky features a minimally structured heel cup that engages your foot just the right amount to keep you feeling secure, yet lightweight as you run.

The outsole of the ASICS Metaspeed Sky shoes

Additionally, ASICS added an ASICSGrip outsole to the METASPEED Sky to give runners the traction needed to perform on slick roads or tracks without compromising the overall weight of the shoe.

The lightweight rubber of the ASICSGrip outsole adds durability to the racer, making it tough enough to handle longer races like the marathon, or grippy enough to propel you through a fast road mile.

“Compared to a lot of speed shoes this shoe has a lot more blown rubber to the outsole adding extra traction. This is nice especially when you are running at a fast pace or racing in the rain,” notes one reviewer.

Closing Thoughts

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ASICS struck a near perfect balance between buttery smooth cushioning and propulsive energy return in the process of designing the METASPEED Sky, which can already be seen in the performance of professional athletes in prototype models.

Now that it’s hit the markets, Fleet Feet reviewers are excited to lace up in the METASPEED Sky for race day.

“I can’t wait to test them in a race. The bright colors are fun and will stand out in a crowd, if crowds become a thing again,” says one reviewer.

The integration of cutting edge design and exhaustive scientific research performed at the ASICS Institute for Sport Science has yielded a shoe that combines the best and lightest of ASICS shoe technology with an in-depth understanding of what it takes to reach peak times.

The upper of the ASICS Metaspeed Sky running shoes

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