Shoe Review: ASICS GT-2000 11

The women's ASICS GT-2000 11

ASICS’ mid-level stability shoe just got a makeover.

The brand-new ASICS GT-2000 11 has been updated with a thick FF BLAST midsole, adding more cushion and energy to your next run. A redesigned upper made with recycled materials makes this shoe a sustainable choice, and a beveled heel allows for smooth transitions.

Fleet Feet reviewers took the ASICS GT-2000 11 out on the roads to get a feel for how it fits and performs. We liked it so much, we added it to our list of the Best ASICS Running Shoes. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tech Specs

ASICS GT-2000 11


8.3 oz (W), 9.7 oz (M)

Heel-to-toe drop

8 millimeters

Stack height (heel/toe)

35 mm/27 mm





Comparable to

New Balance 860, Brooks Adrenaline, Mizuno Wave Inspire

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ASICS’ FF BLAST Foam Adds Energy to GT-2000 11

The men's ASICS GT-2000 11.

The ASICS GT-2000 11 sports a brand-new midsole made with FF BLAST foam that’s thicker than ever before. The previous version of the ASICS GT-2000 used FlyteFoam cushioning in the midsole, but the proprietary FF Blast cushioning is lighter and softer. And even though the latest version of the GT-2000 features an extra millimeter of cushioning, the shoe didn’t get any heavier thanks to the new, lightweight midsole foam.

“I’ve been struggling to run as I near the end of my pregnancy, but when I took these out for a spin I had my best run in two weeks,” says Kate. “The ASICS GT-2000 11 is stable in the heel with flexibility in the forefoot, which I find to be a comfortable combination. The shoes feel lightweight and offer smooth transitions with just the right amount of pep.”

Embedded in the midsole is ASICS’ signature LITETRUSS technology, a firm material that sits on the medial side of the shoe to keep your foot from moving too far inward while you run. This can provide support to runners who overpronate (the excessive inward rolling of a runner’s foot).

Learn more about neutral vs. stability shoes here.

“The ASICS GT-2000 11 offers a very smooth ride,” Jasmine says. “Responsiveness is really important to me while running, which can sometimes get lost with stability shoes, but that wasn’t the case here. The cushioning allows for some bounce, making for a comfortable run.”

A new, beveled heel creates smoother landings while flex grooves in the outsole allow for easier heel-to-toe transitions.

“The heel counter in the ASICS GT-2000 11 feels much more gentle in its support compared to other stability trainers,” Nate says. “The FF BLAST foam offers just enough spring and softness for a mellow ride. Plus, it offers good grip in slick conditions.”

Redesigned Upper Uses Recycled Materials

The women's ASICS GT-2000 11 heel.

ASICS uses a new jacquard mesh upper that offers a secure and breathable fit. The upper material is made with at least 50 percent recycled polyester, part of ASICS’ sustainability initiative. Reviewers noticed how soft and smooth the ASICS GT-2000 11 felt on their feet.

“I caught COVID-19 and have spent the last week wearing my socks or my comfy slippers,” Alex says. “Today I put on the GT-2000 11 for a few miles and it was a pretty gentle transition. It may seem like a small thing, but ‘I didn’t mind taking off my slippers to put these on’ is pretty strong praise for mid-December after a week of coughing in bed.”

Not only is the ASICS GT-2000 11 softer and more breathable, but it also adapts to your unique foot shape. It offers just a bit of stretch for runners with slightly wider or higher volume feet. If you need even more room within the shoe, the GT-2000 11 is available in wide sizing (D for women, 2E for men).

“The GT-2000 11 fits my foot really well and feels true to size,” Kate says. “I have all the space I need without any excess volume in the shoe. ASICS did a great job with using materials that feel breathable and soft against the skin with comfortable padding.”

ASICS GT-2000 11 vs GT-2000 10

A side by side comparison of the ASICS GT 2000 11 vs the ASICS GT 2000 10

The ASICS GT-2000 11 stays true to form as a moderate-level stability trainer with a solid amount of cushioning. The biggest update to the latest version is the addition of FF BLAST Foam in the midsole, replacing the FlyteFoam used in the GT-2000 10.

“I really enjoyed the ASICS GT-2000 10 last year, and the latest version is even more cushioned,” Caroline says. “The ride feels a bit bouncier and more flexible, while still providing a decent amount of support and stability.”

An extra millimeter of stack height offers more cushioning for your stride, and a new upper made with recycled materials makes this shoe easier on the environment.

What is the ASICS GT-2000 11 Best For?

The ASICS GT-2000 11 serves up a smooth, stable ride for runners seeking extra support. Thanks to a firm medial posting, it’s ideal for those with flat arches who overpronate while they run. We even added it to our list of Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet.

“If you’re looking for a stable everyday trainer, the GT-2000 11 is a really solid choice,” Kate says. “It’s a traditionally-shaped shoe with a dialed-in fit and a smooth feel on the road. It doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles – no carbon plate or super bouncy foam, but it’s a well-balanced shoe that’s sturdy and reliable. It’s a perfect everyday choice for regular training runs, walking and travel.”

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