Shoe Review: ASICS GEL-NOOSA Tri 13

A woman wearing the ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 13

Running should be fun. The ASICS GEL-NOOSA Tri 13 delivers one of the most fun looks—and rides—so far this year.

ASICS engineered the GEL-Noosa Tri 13 specifically for triathletes who need quick changes, fast rides and cushion to hold up to a long run. The Noosa does all that, and looks good doing it.

The bright colors are hard to miss, looking like a midsole full of melted crayons, and the foam offers plenty of protection from the road.

Fleet Feet testers logged hundreds of miles in the ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 13 during long runs and plenty of speed work. Here’s what they thought.

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Tech Specs



6.5 oz (W) 7.9 oz (M)


5 mm

Stack height (heel/toe)

25/20 mm (W), 26/21 mm (M)




Triathlons, road racing, training



Generous Fit Delivers Long-Haul Comfort

A man running in the ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 13

Long distances demand comfort, so ASICS built the Noosa 13 to feel good over lots of miles.

ASICS used a breezy engineered mesh upper to hold your foot. The mesh promotes air flow, which helps keep your feet dry and cool, and its feathery weight keeps the load to a bare minimum: The women’s model weighs 6.5 oz, and the men’s version weighs 7.9 oz.

“The upper is extremely breathable, seamless and lightweight,” one tester says.

What’s even better about the upper, though, is the democratic fit. Fleet Feet reviewers with different foot shapes all found a comfortable, roomy fit in the Noosa Tri 13.

“It’s one of the most accommodating and comfortable shoes for running long, hard workouts,” one reviewer says.

The upper also sports the same funky colorway as the midsole. The same reviewer says the wild colors and patterns give the shoe a fun look after your workout, too.

“They even look good going to the store afterwards. I feel fast and flashy when I wear them, so that’s a very important added bonus,” she says.

ASICS also took care to mitigate hot spots or chafing. The smooth mesh feels soft around the midfoot and forefoot, and a silkier fabric around the heel collar protects you against blisters.

Another tester says the smooth feel is perfect for running long distances.

“I really appreciate how good this feels against my foot,” she says. “I don’t feel any friction whatsoever in this shoe.”

Pronounced Rocker Shape Improves Efficiency for More Miles

A woman stretching while wearing the ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 13 running shoes

ASICS powered the Noosa Tri 13 with its FlyteFoam technology and a pronounced toe spring for smoother, more efficient steps.

FlyteFoam is a proven performer in the best ASICS running shoes. The foam midsole is soft underfoot and lightweight, which makes it great for spending serious time on your feet.

Designers used a little more foam underfoot than traditional racing shoes, too. The women’s model has a 25 mm stack height under the heel and 20 mm height under the toe, while the men’s measures 26 mm at the heel and 21 mm under the forefoot.

“I was very surprised by how the midsole felt when putting it on my foot vs. just feeling the material,” says a Fleet Feet tester. “When you touch the midsole material, it feels firm at first, but when you put it on your foot it is the complete opposite experience. It feels soft and responsive.”

Even with more foam, though, the Noosa never feels heavy.

“The Noosa feels really lightweight,” one tester says. “I knew instantly that it was going to be a fast-feeling shoe, and on my first run, I was not disappointed.”

The toe spring is a relatively new technology from ASICS. Called Guidesole, ASICS first added the pronounced rocker shape of the midsole to the original ASICS GlideRide.

ASICS says the rocker shape helps boost efficiency by reducing the work your muscles have to do. The rocker creates a very smooth transition from heel to toe, which makes the other muscles in your leg (think: your calf) work less.

In short: The toe spring helps you work less so you can run farther.

“It’s buttery smooth from landing to toe off with just the right amount of propulsive pop,” one tester says. “I really just feel like the shoe is an extension to my body. It performs so well I hardly notice that it’s there.”

ASICS created a lightweight rubber outsole to give you more traction on pavement and protect the midsole from excessive wear and tear. Testers say the traction is good on dry ground, but it isn’t meant for snow or mud.


Two people wearing the ASICS GEL-Noosa Tri 13 running shoes
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If you’re looking for one shoe that can do it all, the ASICS GEL-NOOSA Tri 13 is it.

The Noosa has an accommodating fit that works for all of our reviewers, and its smooth fabrics help alleviate the fear of getting a blister that could derail your race.

A cushy FlyteFoam midsole offers protection from the hard pavement without adding unnecessary weight, and the noticeable rocker shape creates an efficient, rolling stride. After hundreds of miles on the road, Fleet Feet reviewers raved about the Noosa.

“If I had to pick one shoe to do all of my runs in, this would be my top choice,” one tester says. “I recommend this shoe most strongly for speed workouts and races, but it performs well for nearly any run on a track or road.”

With a look that stands out and performance to match, the Noosa will quickly become your go-to training and racing shoe.

One reviewer puts it succinctly: “These are my favorite ASICS shoes of all time.”

Still not convinced? Don’t sweat it. Fleet Feet's return policy means you can test drive your shoes and gear without risk. If you’re not happy with the way your gear performs, looks or fits, we’ll take it back within 60 days. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $99 and free return shipping on all orders. That's our Happy Fit Guarantee.

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