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Women's Altra Torin 5

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Altra's bestselling Torin has been updated. We carry a full range of sizes and colorways in the Altra Torin 7.

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The Altra Torin 5 is ready to go with you anywhere. The dependable trainer is built to handle fast miles, long runs and cross training with ease, making your daily workout routine all the more effortless.

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The Torin 5 features an updated knit mesh upper for enhanced breathability and flexibility on the run. Long-time Altra wearers fear not, the Torin 5 still boasts brand-new Altra EgoMax midsole cushioning and signature FootShape toe box.

From hikes, to roads, to trails, to gyms, our reviewers put the Torin 5 to the test and loved every second of it.

Tech Specs

Altra Torin 5


7.3 oz (W) 9 oz (M)


0 mm




Daily Training, Gym Sessions


Road, Non-technical trails

Zero-Drop Is Nothing But Comfortable

Altra designers built the Torin 5 on a slab of cushy foam with a 0mm profile to offer the most stable, energetic feel on the run.

Gentle support in the arch and springy Altra EgoMax midsole foam deliver the shock absorption you need, without taking away from the engaged ride.

The Altra Torin 5 running shoes

“I have a history of knee problems, but when I ran in the Altra Torin 5 the cushioning more than made up for the zero drop,” says one reviewer. “If anything, it was one of the more engaging runs I’ve been on because I could really pay attention to the way I was landing while running.”

Compared to Altra models like the Rivera, the Torin 5 doesn’t have as dramatic of a rocker shape, but don’t let that fool you. The Altra EgoMax foam is incredibly responsive, creating the bouncy, rocker-like feel you need for rolling transitions on the run.

“I prefer high cushion shoes and this model delivered a nice balance of cushion and response. As I continued to run the midsole started to feel really nice and cushioned. I also found that the transition was smooth and quick almost as if it had a built-in rocker,” says one reviewer.

Men's Altra Torin 5 zero-drop profile.

One of our reviewers has flat feet and loved the Torin 5 for running, saying she felt supported in all the right places.

“My arches are mostly flat and I like to have a little shape and support underneath them on the run. The Torin has just the right form to support my feet comfortably,” she says.

The EgoMax midsole is shaped with Altra’s unique FootShape geometry that allows for natural movement of your forefoot as you run, without uncomfortable rubbing or pinching. Whether you have a wider foot or are looking for some room to breathe, the Torin has got it.

“The toe box is the roomiest ever without feeling like the sizing is wrong,” says one reviewer.

Another one of our reviewers has been training in Torin models consistently for years, and loves the feel of the zero-drop profile.

“This shoe really does have a natural feeling on the run. Something about the ride feels effortlessly relaxed and in control at the same time. I get the sensation of more contact with the ground, but not more impact on my body,” she says.

While the zero-drop can be intimidating, the Torin 5 really allows Altra’s EgoMax cushioning to shine. It provides excellent shock absorption and responsive push without cranking up the stack height.

Updated Upper Provides Dialed-In Comfort

The newest feature of the Altra Torin 5 is the updated knit mesh upper. Altra came out with some sporty new colorways on both the men’s and women’s side, and that's not even the best part.

The Altra Torin 5 running shoes

“The upper is super light and flexible. I loved how cushioned the heel collar was. They literally melted away as I ran in them. Plus, the colors are so cute. I would totally wear these out and about if I’m going for a sportier look,” says one reviewer.

Designers focused on plush cushioning throughout the heel collar to create a protected, yet flexible feel where you need it most. A silky smooth fabric covers the whole collar for a chafe-free fit that keeps debris out.

“The Torin has a comfortable fit with plenty of plush features that make the upper really comfortable. I like the cushy heel collar and the tongue that molds to the top of my foot,” says one reviewer.

The Altra Torin 5 running shoes

In addition to protective padding, the updated mesh knit is tight enough to keep uncomfortable dirt and debris out, while still allowing airflow for ventilation.

An updated lacing system lets you dial in the feel of your Torin 5’s throughout the midfoot, without compromising on the roomy feel of the FootShape toe box.

“My toes can splay fully and I have plenty of width in the toe box, but without sloppiness or excess space. The midfoot and forefoot feel secure, but not tight. Altra has really dialed in the fit well here,” says one reviewer.

Altra Torin 5 vs. Torin 4.5

A comparison of the Altra Torin 4.5 Plush and Altra Torin 5 running shoes

The Altra Torin 5's new midsole foam and a revamped upper homes in on a dialed in, lightweight fit that long-time Altra wearers (and even newbies) absolutely love.

Altra designers pulled from the Torin 4.5 Plush construction and beefed up the padding in the Torin 5. Additional cushioning around the heel collar and tongue create a protected feel that doesn’t feel overbearing and makes the Torin 5 a great road-to-trail transition shoe.

Designers switched out the Quantic midsole foam in the Torin 4.5 for the new EgoMax foam to elevate the bouncy, durable feel of the Torin 5. The new EgoMax foam provides a responsive, cushioned feel without the added bulk of a high stack height.

Tech Comparison:

Altra Torin 5

Altra Torin 4.5 Plush


7.3 oz (W) 9 oz (M)

7.4 oz (W) 9.1 oz (M)


0 mm

0 mm





Knit Mesh

Knit Mesh

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Altra Torin or looking to shake up your running routine with a zero-drop shoe, the Altra Torin 5 is perfect for any body in motion.

The new addition of durable, shock absorbing EgoMax midsole foam provides enough cushion and responsiveness to power your run without jacking up the stack height.

While a zero-drop ride may take a few miles to get used to, our reviewers loved the engaging feel on the roads and on the trails. Plus, the flat, supportive outsole makes the Torin 5 a great all-purpose shoe that can handle a run and a quick gym session.

We loved the updated heel collar and tongue cushioning and the super lightweight, breathable mesh upper. Not to mention the fun colorways.

Take the Altra Torin 5’s for a ride today.

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