Shoe Review: Altra Paradigm 6

A side view of the women's Altra Paradigm 6.

Style meets support in the new Altra Paradigm 6.

The Altra Paradigm has long been known as a high-cushioned stability shoe, and the latest version doesn’t disappoint. This year’s model features a new Altra EGO Max midsole, updated InnovArch technology and an overall sleeker appearance.

Built to handle long runs, the Paradigm 6 delivers dynamic support and a plush ride.

Fleet Feet reviewers put the Altra Paradigm 6 to the test during long runs, recovery days and everything in between. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest version of the Altra Paradigm.

Tech Specs

Altra Paradigm 6


8.5 oz (W), 10.5 oz (M)


0 mm




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New, Sleek Upper Adds Style

A side view of the men's Altra Paradigm 6.

With an all new upper and fresh colorways, the Altra Paradigm 6 doesn’t look like your stereotypical support shoe.

The latest version of the Altra Paradigm features a sleeker silhouette, giving the appearance of an everyday trainer while still offering the same level of stability. You won’t have to sacrifice style for support in the new Paradigm.

A breathable engineered mesh upper provides ventilation for your feet on hot, sweaty runs, and long, tubular laces allow you to customize the fit of your shoes.

Altra’s signature FootShape Toe Box gives your toes room to splay out and move naturally while you run. Reviewers appreciated the extra breathing room for their feet.

“Altra is known for their wide toe box, and this one hits that mark. I would say the toe box is particularly spacious compared to the rest of the shoe and in comparison to other shoes,” says one reviewer.

While the toe box is spacious, the rest of the shoe fits like a glove. Updated InnovArch technology wraps around the inside of your arch, encouraging a natural step cycle.

“I like how the toe box is extra roomy but the midfoot is snug, so my feet can enjoy the extra room without sliding around,” says another reviewer.

A padded heel collar and a plush tongue add to the shoes’ luxurious feel. Whether you’re looking for a highly cushioned stability shoe or you just enjoy the finer things in life, the Altra Paradigm 6 won’t let you down.

Updated Midsole Offers an Extra Bounce

The women's Altra Paradigm 6.

Altra’s signature EGO foam is back with a brand new update in the latest version of the Paradigm. The Altra Paradigm 6 features a thick EGO Max midsole, which is softer, bouncier and more durable than the previous version.

Reviewers appreciated the combination of lightweight responsiveness and balanced cushioning in the newest version of the Altra Paradigm.

“The Paradigm offers a really thick slab of cushion, and I love the way it feels. It’s soft without being mushy and it supports my foot in a comfortable way that feels natural,” says one reviewer.

Long-time Altra wearers will enjoy the same zero drop platform the brand is known for in the latest version of the shoe. Your heel and toes sit at the same level in a zero drop shoe, allowing for a more natural movement as you run and encouraging even weight distribution.

One of our reviewers had never tried a zero drop shoe before and was pleasantly surprised.

“It was definitely a different experience with them being zero drop, but I really enjoyed how my feet were able to move. It felt very natural and comfortable,” she says.

The Paradigm 6 offers the same supportive features that have made the shoe a mainstay among runners seeking stability. A firm slab of cushioning, dubbed the GuideRail, keeps your form fluid and efficient even as the miles add up.

Despite being classified as a stability shoe, the Altra Paradigm 6 feels springy enough to pick up the pace. Inner Flex Grooves in the midsole provide flexibility and movement, making the shoe a versatile choice.

“The shoe feels really stable, but the forefoot is flexible, as opposed to some of those shoes that are like a stiff lever,” says one reviewer.

Altra Paradigm 6 vs Altra Paradigm 5

Side by side comparison of the women's Altra Paradigm 6 and Paradigm 5.

The Altra Paradigm 6 features the same support runners have come to expect, but in a stylish new package.

Two major updates to the shoe are the new EGO Max midsole, which is softer and bouncier than the previous model, and the updated InnovArch technology, which helps your feet move more efficiently.

A fresh, lightweight upper and stylish colorways give the shoe a modern look.

Tech Specs

Altra Paradigm 6

Altra Paradigm 5


8.5 oz (W), 10.5 oz (M)

9.2 oz (W), 11.2 oz (M)


0 mm

0 mm





Daily training

Daily training




Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable trainer that offers both cushion and stability, the Altra Paradigm 6 is the perfect choice.

Balanced cushioning ensures a smooth ride while GuideRail technology keeps your form in check. Altra’s foot-shaped toe box is accommodating for wide feet or anyone who enjoys some extra breathing room.

“This is a really nice, supportive shoe for runners who are looking for stability and lots of cushion in a shape that feels natural and not overly controlled,” one reviewer says. “It’s ideal for training runs, long runs, recovery days and walking.”

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