Shoe Review: Saucony Peregrine 11

If you’re looking for just one trail shoe for all of your off-road running endeavors, the Saucony Peregrine 11 is a good one to add to your rotation.

This trail shoe does everything well without any gaping shortfalls. The new upper design is on point for some head-turning looks on the trail. Read on for the full overview from Brian Metzler.


The Saucony Peregrine is a versatile, neutral-oriented trail running shoe. It has the comfort and smoothness of a road running shoe with a low-to-the-ground feel. Add to that it has a nice blend of cushioning, traction and protection.

It’s a classic, do-everything off-road runner. It's ideal for smooth, rolling dirt paths, moderately technical routes with some rocks, roots, gravel and other obstacles, as well as sloppy trails with a lot of mud and moisture.

Saucony Peregrine 11 - What's New


The biggest update to the Peregrine 11 is a new upper that’s more durable and protective than the previous edition. It’s a nice final touch that completes this shoe as one of the most versatile and functional models out on the trails.


The Peregrine has a performance-oriented fit that secures each foot to the chassis of the shoe. This avoids excess internal slipping and sliding.

Although it’s only available in a medium width, it resembles the comfortable fit and feel of a road running shoe. It features a narrow heel cup and secure sensation at the mid-foot.

The toe box is compact but not restrictively tight, allowing toes to splay and flex as they adapt to different types of terrain. The step-in feel is soft, pliable and comfortable, but not overwhelming.

The moderate midsole cushioning is accompanied by a flexible rock plate. This allows for a cushy, flexible and protective ride doesn’t inhibit the natural movement of your feet on variable terrain.

The Peregrine isn’t exceptionally energetic, but it feels and runs lighter than its spec weight. This means it serves up an agile, go-get-it sensation on most types of terrain.

Saucony Peregrine 11 - trail running


Because it’s so light and comfortable, the Peregrine will appeal to a wide range of runners. From trail runners, from first-timers to those who frequently go off-road and also those who live and breathe nothing but dirt.

It excels as a versatile, three-season trail running shoe for mild to semi-technical, low-alpine, desert and woodland terrain.

The Peregrine 11 could be a great race-day shoe for trail running events from 5K to half marathon. It could be a good choice for trail marathons too, but it doesn’t have hefty cushioning like some maximally cushioned trail shoes.


  • The full-length, flexible, plastic rock plate in the Peregrine provides ample protection. Pointy rocks, roots and other irregularities on the surface of the trail are eaten up without inhibiting the ability of the foot to move nimbly.
  • This is the second edition of the Peregrine with PWRRUN midsole cushioning. As a result, the new Peregrine feels softer but also returns a bit more energy than a lot of trail running shoes, especially when running at moderate to fast speeds.
  • The knobby array of outsole lugs provide exceptional traction on wet terrain and loose dirt. It has a moderate amount of cushioning, enough to keep sharp pointy obstacles and trail debris at bay but not too much to inhibit a proprioceptive feel for the ground. Our wear-testers loved running over muddy trails, wet grass and wet, sloppy terrain in this shoe.
  • The outsole has aggressive, 6mm directional lugs made from a new sticky rubber compound that is distinctively adhesive on wet and dry rock and wooden stair steps, but sheds mud with surprising ease.
  • Like its predecessor, the Peregrine 11 has a customizable outsole platform with 12 designated ports. These can be drilled through for improved drainage if you frequently run in sloppy conditions. Alternatively they can be used to add screws for enhanced winter traction on ice and snow.


  • Like its predecessors, the Peregrine lacks sufficient protection and girth for long, gnarly, rugged mountain trails. However, it is agile enough to handle shorter segments of rocky routes. However, the new upper does provide better sidewall and toe box protection than in the past.


Saucony Peregrine 11 - Tech Specs


Saucony Peregrine 11 - women's
Saucony Peregrine 11 - Women's
Saucony Peregrine 11 ST Version


Heading to more technical trails? The ST version of the Saucony Peregrine 11 is also available. This has a more aggressive sole (or would that be soul?) to take on more ambitious terrain. Add to that a new lacing system to dial in the fit to the challenge ahead.