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Introducing runMoji™

Express yourself as only a runner can.

Emojis are an essential communication tool, and just like running, their use transcends age groups.

Until recently, there was a surprising lack of meaningful emojis for runners to use that capture the running culture. That changes now.

Introducing runMoji™, the first running-based emoji app that bring to life all the familiar experiences, emotions, tongue-in-cheek humor, exhilaration, highs and lows, and common, cringe-worthy moments that shape, define, and connect the running culture.

runMoji will include representations of people and things—a female runner (with a ponytail!), male and female runners, each with a stroller, race bibs, a porta potty, chafed nipples, an aid station, a sports bra, and a bagel —as well as common and iconic experiences and emotions, including a new pair of running shoes, crossing the finish line, and hitting the wall.

The free app will be available for download through Apple’s App Store beginning Oct. 1, with plans to expand it to the Android store soon after. The app will update regularly to include an expanded suite of runMojis.

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Bonus: We want to hear from you! Suggest a runMoji for possible inclusion in a future release! We want runMoji to represent all runners, so now's your chance to be heard!

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