On Winter Gear for Running, Travel and Recovery

A woman tugs on the turtleneck of her On Weather Shirt

As temperatures drop, it’s time to wrap up in warm, cozy winter gear. Whether you’re gearing up to run, travel, work or relax, On has the essentials you need to get where you’re going in high-performance comfort and style. Fleet Feet weartesters reviewed the men’s and women’s On Hoodie, Weather Shirt and Active Pants. Here’s what they thought.

Mens hoodie - navy - front

On Hoodie

Best for: All day wear, warm ups, cool downs, travel

With smooth fabric, a flattering fit and thoughtful details, the On Hoodie is a more refined version of the old classic. “It’s everything I expect from an On product,” one reviewer says. “Premium materials, soft feel and dialed-in fit—with the familiar comfort of a hooded sweatshirt.”

On used a technical mix of recycled fibers to create the midweight fabric in their Hoodie. Reviewers say it’s the perfect piece for warm ups, cool downs and relaxation because it’s soft and smooth against your skin and doesn’t feel heavy.


“One thing I love about the On Hoodie is its lack of bulk,” says a reviewer of the men’s Hoodie. “I can easily wear it under a rain jacket, but it’s still warm enough on its own that I was comfortable walking around the city in 50-degree weather.”

The men’s On Hoodie uses a mesh kangaroo pocket with a zipper closure, while the women’s Hoodie features a traditional hand pocket with an opening on each side. A small elastic loop in the women’s Hoodie helps secure a key.

The women’s Hoodie features zippered vents from the bottom hem up through the elbows to release excess heat and hold the hoodie’s shape.

“The underarm vents are a really cool feature,” one reviewer says. “They make the Hoodie more versatile, comfortable and unique.”

Reviewers also praised a small, innovative feature on both the men’s and women’s Hoodies: On sewed a small loop guard on the front of the Hoodie that holds the strings in place.

“That little loop saves you from dipping your hood strings into your soup, and it keeps them out of the splash zone when you’re brushing your teeth,” one reviewer says. “A stranger in an elevator even complimented the design.”


On Weather Shirt

Best for: Cold Weather training, recovery, lounging

The On Weather Shirt is made for cold weather training, but it’s comfortable enough to wear for rest and recovery, too. The men’s and women’s pieces boast unique features for comfort and performance in winter elements.

The Weather Shirt was designed with a blend of polyester and lyocell to insulate and protect from the wind and cold without adding weight or bulk. The women’s Weather shirt features a wool-blend front panel to protect the torso area where On says women tend to lose more body heat than men.

Fleet Feet reviewers say the fit and technical features of the Weather Shirt make it a dependable favorite for fall and winter running.

“I love the fitted cut,” a female reviewer says. “It’s warm, but there’s no bagginess anywhere, which makes it perfect for layering.”

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Side view of the men's On Weather shirt

Designers added a thumbhole into each cuff to keep your hands warm, and there’s another opening a little higher on the wrist to make it easy to check your watch during your workout without rolling up your sleeve––thoughtful elements that make training more comfortable.

“It’s a simple thing, but I hate having to push up my sleeves to check my watch when it’s freezing outside,” one reviewer says. “The watch window is one of my favorite features.”

The women’s Weather Shirt has an adjustable turtleneck feature that reviewers praised. “I’ve never had a top with this type of feature, but it’s genius,” one reviewer says. “I can start a cold run with the neck cinched up high, but loosen it up if I start to get hot.”

With fewer hours of sunlight to run in during the winter months, reflective details on running apparel are essential. On designers added reflective strips to the front and back hems, as well as the elbows of the Weather Shirt to help runners stand out and stay safe in the dark.

On Active Pants

Best for: All day wear, rest, recovery and travel

Whether you’re running, traveling, working, parenting or all of the above, you need comfortable, functional bottoms that move with you in style. Our reviewers found On’s Active Pants to be a perfect fit for work, walks and travel.

“I love wearing these to work,” says one reviewer. “They’re casual, but flattering and so comfy! They keep me warm on my cold, windy walk breaks, but I don’t overheat in them in the office, either. I love the stretchy fit and they go with everything.”

On designed the Active Pants with high-stretch Elastane and double-woven Polyamide. The combination creates a fabric that is wind and waterproof, yet still feels soft on your skin. The women’s Active Pants feature a drawstring waist, while the men’s use an internal loop for adjustability that stays out of the way when not in use.

Our reviewers raved about the comfort and functionality of the Active Pants for warmth and comfort after a chilly outdoor run.

On Active pants in Black

“I love to change into my Active Pants after my weekly group run. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re windproof, so I stay warm when sitting outside on a chilly evening. The looser fit lets me layer them over running tights for extra warmth without looking bulky.”

Another reviewer says she likes to wear the Active Pants for travel. “They’re comfortable and not too tight when I need to sit on a plane for hours. I like that I can zip my ID into my pocket in the security line without worrying that it will fall out.”

If you’re looking for the pants to wear when you’re not running, look no further than the On Active Pants to move (or sit) in comfort and style.


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