How On Running is Reducing Their Environmental Footprint

On Sustainability

Sustainability is on the forefront of brand initiatives and has been for years. For brands like On Running, sustainability is something that’s worked into the fiber of the brand.

We love Mother Earth and need to do everything in our power to protect her. From what we wear to what we buy, every decision matters and you can do your part every day and choose to make a difference.

On has made really exciting moves to reduce environmental footprint, and they definitely are not stopping! Saving the planet is a team sport, so we’re here to shout those awesome efforts from the rooftop and help educate customers and staff about how big of a difference it makes.

Here are just a few ways On is making strides in sustainability...

New Packaging

You may have noticed a change in how On shoe boxes and hang tags look recently. Well that’s because On has changed their packaging to be more sustainable. You’ll start to see fewer black and white On shoe boxes and more brown boxes and apparel packaging/tags soon.

That’s because On has switched over to 100% recycled materials for sneakers and socks, and 99.9% recycled materials in apparel packaging! The boxes will now be mainly brown (no ink) with minimal water-based ink instead of the old fully PVC ink black boxes. Yearly, this will save about 160 tonnes of CO2.

Updating the all-black packaging for a lighter more sustainable alternative means On can use less ink in printing packaging. Plus the ink that’s now visible on the outside of the shoe box is a water-based alternative to the previous (plastic-derived) PVC inks, which is much better for the environment.

“Letting go of the all-black branding was a discussion for us. It’s quite bold I think, to do this as a young company. But when we looked at the numbers, it stopped becoming a question of if, and rather when,” says Maya Martin, Product Design. “The result is fresh, bright and optimistic and it still keeps the minimalistic, uncomplicated design we love.”

By switching to new packaging, each year On is projected to save at least:

  • 7 tonnes of black ink
  • 18 tonnes of paper
  • 15 tonnes of plastic
  • 160 tonnes of CO2

Materials and Products

Materials used in our industry are responsible for up to 80% of a company’s environmental footprint, so On made them a top priority. With sustainability at the core of how On works as a company, they don’t believe performance and sustainability are exclusive, but rather complimentary concepts to one another.

By introducing more recycled materials, reducing their CO2 footprint and creating circular systems for product life cycles, On is making real, impactful change while still producing the same premium performance shoes and apparel we all know and love.