Latinos Run Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with 5K Hybrid Event

Latinos Run members pose while holding a flag that says Latinos Run.

Maria Solis Belizaire founded Latinos Run in 2016 in New York City. What began as a group run with 16 people grew into a national movement that serves over 25,000 people across the country today.

Solis Belizaire says that Latinos Run provides a safe space for the Latino community and keeps members motivated. Their biggest event of the year is the Hispanic Heritage Month 5K.

“This event helps bring people back to why they love running,” Solis Belizaire says. “It reminds them not just of their love of sport, but it also caters to our community and our culture. It’s an important time because of so many Latin American countries that celebrate their independence during this month.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 through October 15 each year.

This year, Latinos Run is teaming up with Fleet Feet to host a hybrid event. Whether you’re celebrating your own culture or that of a Hispanic neighbor or friend, all are welcome and encouraged to join!

How does the hybrid 5K work?

Sign up to complete a solo run or join in with a group fun run event. You just have to run a 5K any time between September 15 and October 15 and record your own time. Upload your 5K results before the deadline of October 18 at 11:59 pm ET (results cannot be accepted after this time).

Want to run with a group?

Click here for a list of in-person runs hosted by Fleet Feet stores and Latinos Run chapters around the US.

Ready to sign up?

The run is free, with the option to purchase a medal, t-shirt and other commemorative swag.

A runner jumps into the air smiling during a Latinos Run fun run.

Why join the run?

If you’re ready to breathe some fresh motivation into your running routine, celebrate Hispanic Heritage and connect with a diverse and welcoming community, this event is for you.

Maria Romera, a Latinos Run member, says she appreciates the opportunity to celebrate their differences while uniting as one.

"What I love about the Hispanic Heritage 5K is the celebration of diversity within the Hispanic culture," she says. "The richness of our different cultures yet the oneness we share."

A community experience

Latinos Run member Ruthie Williams says her favorite thing about the group is the way it brings the community together during times of success and hardship.

"Being a part of the Latinos Run community means having a network of individuals who can relate to our struggles and offer guidance and encouragement," she says. "It means having a platform to share our stories, celebrate our successes, and advocate for change."

Join and Follow Latinos Run

Latinos Run has active online communities and chapters across the country. Learn more about how to join a group run or retreat throughout the year.

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