It’s More Than Insoles: Employee-Owned Superfeet Gives Back in a Big Way

A Fleet Feet employee helps a person try on a pair of shoes

The sun had already set as nearly 500 community members joined Fleet Feet Pittsburgh for the Annual Holiday Lights Run earlier this December. But this year, it was different. A heavy cloak of sadness punctuated the event following the synagogue massacre that killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October. The running community came together to raise money for the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Victims of Terror Fund. A staggering $22,577.67 was raised that night, including over $11,000 from Superfeet employees. This is one of many examples of how the employee-owned insole company gives back in a big way.

And their vision is clear: Superfeet creates insoles that support an individual's physical foundation, and also do all that they can to make a positive and lasting impact in the world by helping people and communities with the tools they need to create strong foundations.

Superfeet employees pose for a photo during a trail work day

For Superfeet, this comes from four categories:

  • Basic Needs: Necessities like shelter, food and water are crucial for happy, healthy lives.
  • The environment: Protecting the environment is essential for a happy life and stable future. This means clean air, water and wild places.
  • Self Confidence and pride through activity: Getting outside and living an active life with fresh air helps people grow and achieve their highest potential.
  • Education: Education is foundational for the success of future generations.
Superfeet employees pose for a photo during a trail work day

And it’s not just about a percentage of purchases going to a cause (even though they do that, too), it’s also about grant distributions and employee-owner volunteering.

“As a 100-percent employee-owned company, each of our employee-owners is empowered to direct company resources to causes important to them,” says Linda Balfour of Superfeet. “Each year Superfeet owners receive 16 hours of paid volunteer time and $500 to donate to the organization of their choice.”

On top of that, the entire brand makes substantial contributions to organizations like the Conservation Alliance, Camp Corral, Hearts to Souls and Medical Teams International as well as other local and regional organizations.

For more information about how Superfeet gives back, click here.

For more information and to donate to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Victims of Terror Fund, click here.

By Ashley Arnold. Ashley is a storyteller, ultrarunner and cat person. As Fleet Feet’s content marketing manager, she manages the Fleet Feet blog and its roster of writers.

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