How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters

Running blisters are simply the worst. They can disrupt your training, make long runs feel like a slog and prevent you from lacing up and getting out the door.

The good news is that, with the right approach, you can avoid running blisters altogether. Here are five ways to avoid blisters and keep your feet happy:

  • Strengthen your feet. Spend more time barefoot or in flat shoes. Let your toes splay, and even develop some calluses to protect your feet.
  • Focus on your running form and cadence. Blisters are a result of friction, so the less time your foot spends on the ground the better. The tighter your hips are, the more likely you are to overstride and the greater the opportunity for your foot to slide in your shoe.
  • Check your feet for hot spots - spots that rub excessively against the insides of your shoes. When you take your shoes off, are there any noticeably red, irritated patches of skin? If so, some simple adjustments to the lacing of your shoes can help. You can also use an anti-chafing balm, like Body Glide or Squirrel's Nut Butter.
  • Test out your socks. You’ll want to avoid wearing cotton socks, because cotton holds in moisture. Moisture combined with friction contributes to blisters galore. Check out our favorite socks for running.
  • Get a shoe that properly fits! If you’re wearing the right pair of shoes for your unique feet (and remember, no two feet are alike) coupled with a pair of moisture-wicking socks, your chances of blisters are greatly minimized. If you’re unsure which shoes are right for you, head into your local Fleet Feet for a one-on-one analysis with an outfitting expert.

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