How to Blow a Snot Rocket

A runner gets ready to blow a snot rocket

You lace up your running shoes, and open the door. Icy winds rush to greet you.

You set off down the street, but your nose starts to drip after a few minutes in the cold air. You sniff and you sniff, but soon your nose becomes too runny to bear. What does etiquette demand of the runner who must be relieved of this wintertime woe?

You could wipe your nose on your sleeve or let it freeze on your face. Or you could blow a snot rocket.

Phil Young, operator of Fleet Feet Davenport, understands your dilemma. Blowing a snot rocket is a skill that every runner could benefit from because it helps clear your airways and lets you breathe easier.

5 Steps to Blowing a Perfect Snot Rocket

The steps to blow a snot rocket aren't that difficult—it isn't (snot) rocket science. But you can mess it up. So here are five simple steps to properly blowing a snot rocket:

  • Step 1: Press your fingers against one side of your nose to seal off one nostril
  • Step 2: Tilt your head forward and toward the side of the open nostril
  • Step 3: Aim away from your body and any other runners or innocent bystanders
  • Step 4: Blow forcefully like you're blowing your nose into a tissue
  • Step 5: Repeat on the other side if necessary

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