Hip Strength and Balance

Prime yourself with these three glute activation and strengthening exercises and then finish with a form focused run of 10 minutes.

All you need is an exercise band. How do you choose which band to use? "Whatever tension or resistance you can use without compromising form," says Lyman. "Most people find a light to medium resistance to be enough at first, but definitely recommend getting a bundle package of bands so that you can progress." Bands typically come in packages of three to five.

For the Hip Circuit workout:

- 12 reps of Side Steps with a Band Left

- 12 reps of Side Steps with a Band Right

- 12 reps per side of Standing Leg Extension with a Band

- 10 Second Fire-hydrant Isometric Hold Left Leg

- 10 Second Fire-hydrant Isometric Hold Right Leg

Aim for two full rounds of each.

Then, lace up for a 10- to 20-minute form-focused run at an easy effort, and notice your glutes engaging with each step. Consider adjusting your hip position to make the connection more consistent and fluid.

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