Hip Mobility and Flexibility with Functional Movement Coach Francheska Martinez

Join Superfeet Ambassador and Functional Movement Coach Francheska Martinez for a comprehensive hip strength and mobility workout that will make you feel better whether you run, walk or simply need a break during your new WFH routine.

This flexibility and mobility circuit makes an excellent pre-run workout, but you can do it any time. Complete the primary circuit three times before moving to the secondary circuit. You can increase the tempo and intensity as you warm up and get accustomed to the movements. For the best experience, follow along with Francheska in the video.

Primary Circuit: Three rounds of three exercises without rest

Shinbox Switch: 6 reps

  • Begin seated with knees bent and feet wider than hip-distance apart.
  • Drop both knees to the left and gently try to get both hips grounded.
  • Maintain a long spine and tight core.
  • Raise your knees and move them in the opposite direction to switch sides.
  • Use your hands to keep good posture during transition.
  • Actively press your legs into the ground for a deeper stretch.

Hinge to Squat: 6 reps


  • Begin standing with feet in a stance as wide as your yoga mat.
  • Squeeze glutes, pull shoulders down and back.
  • Squat down driving knees forward and out to get more depth, and come up, moving into the hinge.


  • Keeping your knees soft, hinge forward by pulling your hips back.
  • Keep shins vertical and the spine long.
  • Hinge just enough to feel a gentle stretch in the hamstring, glutes and calves.
  • Come back up, then move back into the squat.

Thai Chi Lunges: 6 reps

  • Begin standing with feet spread wide, and bend one knee to lunge.
  • Bring your hips as low as you can and keep your structure engaged.
  • With hands close to your chest, turn your torso toward your bent knee.
  • Slowly shift your stance by bending the straight leg and straightening the other, keeping your hips and feet stable as you rotate through your spine.
  • Drive your knees out laterally to engage the glutes.

Secondary Circuit: Three rounds of three exercises without rest

Bear Squat to Scorpion: 6 reps

  • Start in child’s pose position with knees an inch off the ground.
  • Lift heels and hips in the air, squat back down.
  • Lift hips again, raising the right leg with a bent knee and pointing the toes to the left in scorpion position.
  • Keep your arms straight the entire time and grip the floor.
  • Lift the heel of your base foot high to get an active stretch in scorpion position.
  • Squeeze the glutes and bring the foot back down.
  • Return to the squat, lift hips and repeat with the left leg.

Kneeling Lateral Stretch: 6 reps

  • Begin in a half kneeling position with the right knee bent in front.
  • Grasp the right knee with your right hand to anchor yourself in and help keep your hips stable.
  • Tuck your hips under and squeeze your glutes to intensify the stretch as you raise your left arm up overhead and to the right.
  • Reach your arms apart and pull in your ribs and abs.
  • Complete 3 reps on the right before you slowly change sides.
  • Complete 3 reps on the left side.

Squat to Mountain Climber: 6 reps

  • With feet hip distance apart, squat down and up.
  • Squat again, plant the hands under your shoulders, and extend the right leg behind you.
  • Extend through the back heel, lengthen through the spine.
  • Return to standing and repeat, extending the left leg this time.
  • Maintain a proud chest throughout this movement.
  • Squeeze your glutes and abs in both positions.

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