Go-to 3-Minute Follow-Along Warmup for Better Running

You may be tempted to head out the door, start your watch and just get going on your next run. But warming up is one of the most important, and the most often overlooked, aspects of running. A proper warmup will help activate key muscles and get your body primed for the demands of running.

What are muscle activation exercises and why should I do them?

This 3-minute follow-along routine helps warm up your muscles, open up your hips and loosen up your shoulders so you can feel fully prepared to tackle your next run.

Do each of these exercises for 30 seconds. Start slow and work your way towards full range of motion.

  • Leg swings on the left leg
  • Leg swings on the right leg
  • Air squats
  • Bootstrappers
  • Arm circles forwards
  • Arm circles backwards

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