Gear Review: On Women's Apparel

A woman stretching wearing the Movement Tank and Active Tight

By the Fleet Feet Review Team. With over 80 years of combined experience, our review team is dedicated to providing in-depth gear and shoe reviews to help you find the best shoes and gear for your next run.

Spring into action with the newest additions to On’s running apparel collection.

On designers’ attention to detail shines through in their women’s Spring 2021 collection. Each piece features flattering cuts created to move with you and wick away sweat to keep you cool and comfortable on the run.

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Fleet Feet reviewers put the women’s Movement Tank, Active Tight and Sprinter Shorts to the test. Through long miles and intense workouts, our reviewers were nothing short of impressed with the smooth feel and premium performance of On running apparel in the Spring 2021 collection.

Here’s everything you need to know before you add On women's running apparel to your run kit.

On Movement Tank

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This brand new addition to the On apparel family has Fleet Feet reviewers smitten.

The super-smooth, 100 percent polyester fabric offers powerful moisture wicking during your toughest workouts. Plus, an anti-odor finish means you can wear your Movement Tank again and again while still feeling and smelling fresh.

“It’s soft, but more importantly, it wicks moisture extremely well and dries exceptionally quickly,” a Fleet Feet reviewer says.

A woman stretching wearing the On Movement Tank

Our reviewers loved the flattering racerback cut and active fit. The shoulder silhouette is feminine, yet highly functional as On designers integrated forward-moving seams along the sides and shoulders of the Movement Tank to eliminate chafing.

“It’s not so tight that I feel self conscious and not so loose that it’s in the way. It has a great sense of stretch and an ultra-light feel. I didn’t have any chafing on my long runs,” says one reviewer.

The On Movement Tank offers enough material coverage in the length and the shoulders to make it a great top for long runs and hikes with a hydration vest.

A woman on a bridge wearing the On Movement Tank

A Fleet Feet reviewer noted that there is enough fabric in the shoulders to prevent the chafing that commonly occurs when wearing a pack with a tank top.

Whether you’re on a hike or taking to the trails or track for a hard run, the Movement Tank literally has you covered in all the right spots.

An added bonus of the Movement Tank is that its sleek and smooth design transitions easily from workout to day out, making it a great feature of any athleisure set.

“It feels sleek enough to wear as athleisure but is stretchy and wicks moisture well enough to last through tough runs,” a reviewer says. “I can’t get over how lightweight and thin it is, yet it performs at such a high level.”

On Sprinter Shorts

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We’ve all been through the trials and tribulations of wearing compression shorts during a workout: The constant tugging, chafing, bunching and riding up can make them a distraction.

The On Sprinter Short fixes all of that—that means no riding up, no chafing, no bunching. Just performance fit and function.

One reviewer sums up our feelings about the Sprinter Short perfectly: “They’re super smooth and stay put while I run, which is huge. I typically stay away from compression shorts with a smaller inseam because they ride up, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Sprinter.”

A woman wearing On Sprinter shorts

Compression shorts like the Sprinter Short work well on their own or as a base layer for looser bottoms as well. Regardless of how you wear them, trust that the compressive feel of the short is felt from waistband to hem, which our reviewers loved.

“Newsflash to myself: Maybe some of my other spandex shorts are too loose. Because when I ran in these, I loved them,” one reviewer says. “They didn’t ride up (all of my other shorts do), and they feel comfortable and soft against my waist.”

Cut from a recycled polyamide and elastane blend, the On Sprinter Short is engineered for premium moisture-wicking comfort, fast dry times and even faster runs.

The fabric keeps you feeling fresh and cool even as you work up a sweat, making these shorts versatile enough to wear for speed work or longer runs.

“These shorts are incredibly comfy and the fabric is super smooth. On the run, they feel fantastic; there’s no rubbing or chafing, and the waistband didn’t move at all.”

A woman running in the On Sprinter Short

Whether you’re looking for a stay-put compression short or a smooth base layer, you’re sure to find it with the Sprinter Shorts. Not to mention, you can bring all your essentials with you in one of the five pockets incorporated into these shorts.

“They’re perfect for long workouts where I need to carry nutrition, cards or keys, and the side pockets securely hold my phone while I run,” says a reviewer.

A set of two drop-in mesh pockets at the front, two drop-in pockets at the back and a larger back pocket help the waistband of the Sprinter Short double as a utility belt for your most technical runs. Two side leg pockets are deep enough for bulky gel packs or a smartphone, so you can enjoy a hands-free, distraction-free run.

On Active Tights

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On constructed the Active Tight with a second-skin sensation in mind.

The 100 percent polyester fabric is silky smooth while offering an elastane-free mechanical stretch. Translation: These tights are ready to move with you, and you’re going to feel good doing it.

“I wore these for both long runs and for yoga and loved how well these hugged my body without feeling restrictive,” says one reviewer. “The material handles sweat really well. I felt cool and comfortable my entire run.”

A woman wearing the On Active Tight stretches her leg

Fleet Feet reviewers wore their Active Tights on cold weather runs to wet trail hauls to test the versatility of the super-smooth, second-skin polyester fabric.

“These tights are surprisingly versatile. I wore them on a recovery run in 37-degree weather and they were totally comfortable. I didn’t think they would be warm enough, but they were perfect,” says another reviewer.

She also notes that the Active Tights are great for transitioning weather. “They also breathe beautifully on a warmer day when most tights would feel stifling.”

The polyester does more than offer versatile breathability. The fabric works to wick away sweat and dry quickly so you stay cool and comfortable on your run. Plus, an anti-odor finish works with this quick-drying fabric to help you smell as fresh as you feel.

Reviewers loved the high waist and adjustable infinity drawcord within the wide, comfortable waistband.

“The waistband is flat and has an internal infinity drawstring which I very much needed,” says another reviewer. “The tights fit but I like a more secure fit around my waist while I’m running.”

In addition to adjustability, the waistband also features drop-in pockets large enough for keys or a smartphone, so you can securely carry your essentials on your run.

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