Gear Review: Hyperice Venom

A runner using the Hyperice Venom

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Back pain is one of the most common ailments among adults—as many as 8 in 10 people will experience back pain at some point in their life. That’s why Hyperice built the Venom.

The Hyperice Venom uses heat and vibration to help you warm up and soothe cranky muscles. Four pods on the back produce different vibration patterns, and there are three heat settings to match your needs.

Fleet Feet reviewers tested out the Venom to get a closer look at it’s build quality and performance. Here’s what you need to know.

Plush Belt Ensures Dynamic Fit

A runner wearing the Hyperice Venom before a workout

Hyperice employs powerful heating and vibration technology in the Venom, but one of the standout features is the belt.

On the inside of the belt, designers used a blend of neoprene and nylon, which makes it feel smooth and gives it stretch. The outside of the belt is a felt-like material that ensures a secure fit with the grippy hook-and-loop closure.

The belt’s stretchiness also helps create a snug fit. Rather than using holes that would give the belt pre-determined sizes, the belt stretches then attaches anywhere. The benefit of the closure is the ability to fit a wide range of body shapes and cinch down for a tight fit.

To operate the Venom, Hyperice integrated a touchscreen into the belt. The hockey puck-like control center has a well-lit screen and easy to understand options. Plus, it locks once you make your choices so it doesn’t accidentally switch (you can unlock it to change your selections whenever you want).

The touch screen is responsive and sleek, giving the Venom a high-tech look. But it also works exactly as you expect it to; Fleet Feet reviewers didn’t have any problems with the screen missing taps or not responding.

“It’s a premium piece of recovery gear,” one tester says. “The belt is soft and comfortable, the controls are clear, and it’s easy to wear while you’re doing other things.”

Engineers also packed the Venom with an impressive battery. On the highest heat setting, the Venom will pump out about an hour’s worth of power before needing to be recharged. It will last longer on lower settings.

Each cycle lasts 20 minutes by default, and the device will shut off automatically. But you can tap on the timer to reset it during the massage.

Heat and Vibration Combine For Easy Warm-Ups

Hyperice is well known for its vibration and percussion massagers, like the Hypersphere Mini and Hypervolt GO. Vibration helps increase blood flow and ease soreness. But reviewers say adding heat into the mix really amps up the recovery.

“The heat definitely helps melt the tension in my back better than a product that vibrates alone,” a reviewer says. “And the fact that you can wrap it around your body instead of having to lay on it or against it makes it really versatile and comfortable.”

One of the best parts about the Venom is its portability. One Fleet Feet reviewer says it makes it easy to multitask in the mornings.

“It provides a lot more utility than a standard heating pad,” a tester says. “I can wear it around while making coffee or breakfast rather than being stuck on the couch.”

The Venom has three different levels of heat: 130, 145 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat cycles on and off, so you (and the device) don’t overheat.

To add vibration, Hyperice used four pods on the back of the belt. Like the heat, there are also three vibration settings: wave, pulse and constant. The wave setting vibrates the pods one at a time; the pulse setting activates the upper two pods and then the bottom; and the constant setting vibrates through all four pods without interruption.

You can mix and match the vibration and heat settings to fit your preferences, and you can turn off the vibration to use the heat on its own.

One reviewer has been wearing the Venom before morning workouts to help warm up.

“Some days my back feels a little creaky when I wake up, and the Venom really helps me loosen up,” he says.

Final Thoughts

The Hyperice Venom is a sleek and easy-to-use heating and vibration wrap that easily loosens tights back muscles.

Hyperice built the wrap with a plush belt that lets you dial in the fit. The soft and stretchy fabric doesn’t irritate your skin, and it helps create a snug fit around your back.

A built-in controller provides clear, intuitive operation, and the touch screen feels accurate and responsive. Fleet Feet testers love how the controller gives the belt a high-tech feel.

With impressive heat and three vibration patterns, the Hyperice Venom is a unique and powerful wrap that we love for easy warmups and soothing recovery.

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